Welcome to your next step to better health!!

Howdy all!

Super excited to start this 14 day detox with you all 🙂 
Great job taking the first step to better health!

Attached to this email is the full document -14 day clean eating – complete with meal plans, grocery lists, and support.

Be sure to read through it and post any questions in the group – we are ALL here to support one another so follow these steps:

1. Find an accountability partner or close friend to do it with. If you can’t find one, just post in the group to find one.

2. Take it ONE meal, ONE day at a time. IF or when you fail, THEN just get back on that train and go from there!! AIM to do this 80% of the time, and leave 20% for wiggle ‘life’ room.

3. This is just a GUIDE, if there is food on there that bothers you OR if you don’t want to give up COFFEE or xyz food – then just don’t. 

You are doing this to BETTER your health, NOT to stress yourself and your family out.

KEY BOTTOM LINE: you are working to reduce processed food, and eat ‘cleaner’ food. 

So just do it. 

We are here to support you!! 

Here is the GUIDE: Clean Eating Guide – 14 Days