4 Natural Ways to Boost Immunity & Why you should not get the Flu Shot!!

Do not get a flu shot! 

Did you know that flu shots, according to the CDC, are only 56% effective!?

Therefore it’s pretty much a coin toss as to if they will help you or not.

The flu virus is something that is constantly mutating so who’s to say you will be vaccinated by the flu that is going around.

These shots have not been studied at all so we do not know the implications of these shots over a long period of time.

Much of what is used in a vaccination or flu shot is grown on the DNA of other animals! How gross and scary is that! Do you want monkey DNA in you? I sure don’t !!

Natural alternatives to flu shots.

Here are 4 natural alternatives to flu shots:

Take Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D3 works to strengthen the CD8 cells that help to kill viruses. Recent research has shown that it is super effective in boosting the immune system and most people, especially in the winter months, are severely deficient in this important vitamin!

Avoid Sugars – 1 teaspoon of sugar will lower your immunity for up to 5 hours. So imagine what a whole cup of sugar will do. Sugar is also very inflammatory to the body, so avoid it! The less sugar you intake the less sugar you will crave.

Get 7 hours of sleep a night! Sufficient sleep is extremely effective in boosting your immunity. Be sure it’s not broken sleep and by golly call me if you have insomnia!!

Eat your vegetables and whole foods! Aim to put garlic and onions in most of your food. Aim to eat a variety of vegetables the more diverse the colors the better!

All in all, there are SOO many different NATURAL ways you can boost your immunity.

Strong immune systems DO NOT come from shots! They come from a strong immune system!!

Eat well, sleep well, and be well NATURALLY!

Call me if you need any support in this process that’s what I’m trained to do, heal you and your body naturally. Call 704-543-5540 for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation to get started or download our FREE ebook for tips on Wellness Beyond Limits.

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