4 Back to school Immune Boosting Tips!

4 Immune Boosting Tips for School

School has begun and so has the sharing of germs!
Here are 4 tips you can incorporate to help reduce the start of school sicknesses.

1. Reduce if not avoid Sugars and increase whole organic foods.

Sugar is not only inflammatory to the body, it can also lower the immunity.

One teaspoon of sugar reduces the body’s warriors for 5 hours.

These warrior like blood cells are like little pac-men that munch on invaders such as bacteria and viruses that find their way inside of your body. When you eat sugar, these guys go to sleep and are unable to fight for you to kill invaders leaving you more susceptible to sicknesses.

So stay away from any sugars especially when you have been around other sick people, are planning on traveling by air (since the air is recycled and you are exposed to a ton of germs), and if you just are run down and don’t feel well.

2. Take all natural supportive supplements .

Not all supplements are created equally. Make sure the supplements that you are ingesting or giving to your family do not contain synthetic and/or artificial ingredients. These can actually be harmful for you and your loved ones.

Natural high quality supplements are more absorb able and assimilate better. So they are therefore more effective. You get what you pay for for sure.

I once saw an x-ray of centrum vitamins stuck in the colon of an individual. If they are stuck in there and you can see them in an x-ray, then they are best avoided!

Please don’t shop for vitamins at non-vitamin or health stores – like Walmart or CVS. You are pretty much wasting your money and possibly harming yourself with these low quality synthetic pills!

3. Vitamin D

For those of you who sit for hours in the sun, you may not be in need of vitamin D.

Many people are sun-phobic and for good reason with all the cancer information out there.

However, I think we are too phobic for our own good. I think a little sun is needed and is natural. So if you are out side for less than an hour, relax and enjoy yourself sun-block free.

But if you are planning a day out at the beach where you will be there for hours at a time, then go for the sun block. (Just visit ewg.org for their sunblock guide, as sun block ingredients can be pretty toxic).

Most of us do not have several hours a day that we are outside. We may not even get outside but are stuck in front of a computer, inside with our long sleeves covering our arms or our sun block make up blocking any UV light that may access our skin.

Vitamin D so important for the immune system along with bone health, moods, and hormones, doctors have found that it is involved with so many things they are starting to call it a hormone instead of a vitamin.

Most people who are taking vitamin D, usually are not taking enough.

I usually recommend 1000 IU per 25 lbs of body weight. So get cracking!

4. Probiotics

80% of your immune system is found in your intestines, so if you do not have healthy flora living in your intestines, you will not only have digestive issues but also immune system issues.

Many people ask, if just eating yogurt would suffice? In my opinion, there really is not enough flora in yogurt to therapeutically make any difference.

The amount of flora in a probiotic should be in the billions to make any impact!


So there are four quick helpful tips to help increase your family’s immunity!

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