Eat healthy for life with this tip!

Everyone has there ups and downs in life, where stress gets the best of you and you are reaching for that beer, pizza, and/ or chocolate.
Believe me I’ve had my days when I’m tired from a long day at work only to come home to two kids fighting while the baby is screaming. It just puts you in a crazy state of mind where you are almost hanging on with a tiny piece of thread. These nights don’t happen much, but when they do it can send you through the roof and make you feel too overwhelmed to sit down and figure out what healthy meal you can cook up in this madness.
This is when you wish you had your village to come help you, watch your kids and keep you from crazy town. But unfortunately we don’t live in villages anymore where help is just around the corner bend. We live in seclusion where our family lives states away and everyone is supposed to keep it together and be normal and put on our happy faces.
This is when the 80/20 rule comes in to keep you sane.
Eat healthy 80% of the time and allow some wiggle room for the remaining 20%.
Moderation is the best of both worlds.
But what does moderation mean?
I use the example of 80/20 rule, meaning if you have 10 days, make at least 8 of those days healthy and right. Then leave the last 2 days or so for wiggle room. Wiggle room when life gets out of hand, the kids are screaming and you are just tired.Give yourself grace when this happens because the last thing you need is mommy or daddy guilt. Life is hard enough with it’s ups and downs, don’t get too hard on yourself when your eating isn’t up to par.
The most important thing is to make eating something that you enjoy, never never never feel guilty or bad for what you eat. It’s not worth it and life is too short. God gave us taste buds to enjoy but all in moderation.
The cleaner you eat the better you will feel, but don’t sacrifice how you feel or make yourself feel guilty because of what you eat, it’s not worth it.
Keep on keeping on ! May God bless you and keep you on this day! Be Blessed and when you find that village around the corner, let me know!!

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