Fatigue Explained

Feeling tired?
Do you wish you had more energy?
This article should explain some of the reasons why you are fatigued and what can be done to help solve this issue.
Reasons for Fatigue and low energy:

1.Lack of sleep – if you are not getting at least 7 hours of continuous sleep per night this can highly correlate with low energy levels.
Sleep is so important. When your body is asleep, it is actually doing many things that help to heal and detox your cells. If you are not sleeping enough this can keep your body from healing.
If you do suffer from insomnia and have issues falling or staying asleep, this can be corrected. Many times there is a reason the body is doing this and the goal is to find and correct these reasons.
Insomnia can be stemmed from the following: irregular blood sugars from lack of protein or skipped meals, irregular hormones, and/or deficiencies of vitamins and minerals.

2.Lack of Protein intake or skipped meals:
Simple fact, you can not run a car without gasoline or fuel, so what makes you think you can go throughout the day without eating?? Your body’s organs run on nutrients for fuel, and if these organs do not get this fuel, they become imbalanced. Imbalanced organs will be unhappy organs and unhappy organs will product unwanted symptoms.
Most women need about on average 20 grams of protein per meal, where most men need 30g of protein per meal. If you are not eating enough protein this can highly effect your energy levels.

Did you know just being dehydrated can not only cause low energy but can also lower your IQ?
The human body is 70% water, so the body is pretty sensitive to low water intake. Also if you are drinking diuretics or things that make you naturally dehydrated, like tea or cofffee your liquid intake has to increase as well. Liquid intake needs to be half your body weight in ounces so for example – if you weigh 160 – then you would need about eighty ounces of water daily. Add 8oz of water per 8oz of tea or coffee (anything with caffeine) that you drink.

4. Deficiencies
If your body is deficient in a mineral or nutrient, then this can cause a specific organ to be deficient. Organs run on nutrients for fuel, so if they are deficient in something then they will not run well. If organs are not running well then they will cause symptoms. Symptoms are the way the body communicates that it is not feeling well. Correct this symptom by correcting the deficiency. Correct the deficiency and the symptoms goes away!
Now that’s what I call addressing a ailment or problem naturally from the root.
Most low energy deficiencies can be a combination of many of the above issues.

5. Imbalanced eating – or just plain eating junk.
You are what you eat, really! Did you know that your body cells regenerate every 120 days? So every 3 months your body is new and what you eat is what your body uses to rebuild itself.
So if you are eating loads of processed junk foods that have no nutritional value, your body will be reconstituted with those foods. It makes for a very imbalanced and very unhealthy cells. It’s so important to eat healthy foods that come directly from nature, not something that is from a box or bag that has numerous different ingredients on the label provided.
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