Yeast issues and I’m not talking about bread…

Yeast issues, and I’m not talking about bread.
So every woman has experienced the discomfort of a yeast infection. That itchy burning discomfort that wrecks your mood and puts a crimp in your style, and yet something that some women deal with more long term than not, this should not be.
Yeast is a combination of different naturally occurring species of candida albicans. Candida – did you say? Isn’t that something you should not have? Actually it’s normal to have candida, but only healthy levels. It’s when it become over grown, that vaginal itching and discomfort begin to show.
Toe nail fungus is of the same root, it is caused by an imbalanced and overgrowth of fungus in the GI tract. This can take longer to address as toe nails grow at a very slow rate.

So why do I get it?
It is a common problem for those of us that have super ‘sweet tooth’ issues. The more sugar you consume, the more imbalances you have and it’s this sugar that the yeast will party on. The more sugar you consume the more they grow, replicate and colonize – and the more difficult it is to get rid of them.
Yeast or candida, is very sensitive to the pH of body and vaginal tract. It thrives on sugars and a basic vaginal environment. It can be a bugger to get rid of especially in those individuals that have high levels of heavy metals in their bodies.

Where do heavy metals come from?
Heavy metals are everywhere, in the food, air, and water we drink. Most people that have issues with heavy metals usually have them because their parents are toxic and full of them. Then when conceived in utero not only are nutrients passing to you from your mother but also her burden of heavy metals, chemicals, and other toxins.
Another common source of heavy metals are amalgums or metal fillings. Used commonly in the 70,80s, and 90s they were made of a combination of different metals mercury being one of them. Dentists claim they are safe, but health statistics show differently and it may be the reason why suicide is the number one killer of those in the dental profession.
If heavy metals are present in the body, the majority of the time there will be yeast. I’ve seen it over and again with patients. We have to support the body’s ability to detox the metals to help the body flush out the yeast. This is helped by supporting the liver with supplements and herbs.
Other reasons why yeast/candida is an issue.
So maybe you are thinking : “I don’t have any heavy metals, I do not eat sugar, and my hormones are normal, but I’m still not sure why I have a yeast issue.”
This can be due to an imbalance in your liver. The liver is the work horse in the body constantly working to filter and remove any impurities, toxins, and micro-organisms that you are exposed to on a daily basis. Everything you breathe and eat is filtered through the this amazing organ. The liver is also very active in metabolizing your hormones, cholesterol, and regulating your blood sugar.
If you are a woman, your liver has an even bigger burden with all the increases and decreases of different hormones. So it is so important to support his organ for optimal health and wellness.
If your liver is imbalanced or deficient, it can keep your body from flushing out the yeast that is bothering you. So be sure you are getting in enough green leafy veggies (the balanced well with anything green) and cutting out or avoiding sugar in all forms.

Are you overwhelmed yet?
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