How to lose weight and Feel Great

The amount of protein needed for women averages 20g of protein per meal and for men is 30 g of protein per meal. It sounds like a lot of protein but really it’s not. For example, 3 oz of  chicken or turkey is 25g of protein! Below are some other sources of protein.

Protein Content Sources

The list below shows sources and the amount in a single serving.

Salmon 42g per fillet

Chicken breast 35g per breast

Cottage cheese 31g per cup

Veal and lamb 31g per 3oz

Ricotta cheese 28g per cup

Crab meat 28g per cup

Pork chops 27g per 3oz

Most cuts of beef 27g per 3oz

Turkey 25g per 3oz

Chicken 25g per 3.5oz

Sardines (in water) 23g per can

Lentils, white beans 18g per cup

Egg (medium) 7g each

Assorted nuts 4 – 9g per cup

Sausages 12g per 3.5oz

Bacon 25g per 3.5oz

Frozen Beef Burgers 20g per patty

Corned Beef 26g per 3.5oz

Ham 18g per 3.5oz

Lunch Meat 13g per 3.5oz

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