The Underwire Bra & Breast Issues


Probably once a week I have a patient that has a concern about their breast tissue. Either they are having a weird pain, have an odd lump, or their breasts are feeling more tender. After doing some investigating into this issue my eyes have been open to the fact that the underwire bra, although is great to perk your ladies up, can be pretty destructive on your breast tissue.

After reading a book, Killer Clothes by Brian Clement , I’m astounded on how much clothing can play a role in your health.

For instance, underwire bras can attribute to fibrocystic breast issues, breast lumps, and breast pains to name a few. The breast is made up of lymphatic tissue. Lymphatic tissue is a fancy term for tissue made up of immune flowing cells.

When wearing an underwire bra this tissue can become blocked. And like a freeway, when it is blocked traffic begins to back up and stop. Well when breast tissue is stopped and blocked this can create painful lumps and bumps.

What is amazing to me is, I’ve had a number of patients come in with breast complaints and issues, and almost 100% of these women all wore underwire bras. After following up with them, and having them wear a bra without underwire and a looser version of what they were wearing their breast issues desolved!

I was pretty impressed with that and it showed me how important it is to allow your lymphatic breast tissue to circulate.

Rebounding or doing jumping jacks daily is also very helpful in increasing lymphatic circulation as well.

There are also some nutritional deficiencies that can also attribute to fibrocystic breast issues, if you are not sure please feel free to call me for a FREE 15 minute consultation 704-543-5540 !! Get Healthy, Stay Healthy!!

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