3 Quick Solutions to the Bed-Wetting issue.

Bedwetting, is there a natural solution?

Are you tired of changing the sheets or having to get up at night to be sure your child goes to the bathroom??

Why is it that some kids have accidents in their beds and others do not?

Believe me I have been there.


Our 6 year old at the time, who was obviously fully potty trained, was having accidents every night for a while.


My poor husband had to set the alarm at night to wake her up to use the bathroom,  if he forgot or didn’t get up, then we were left with a bed full of wet soiled sheets. It was frustrating to say the least and upset my daughter a great deal.

If he didn’t then she would wet her bed , leaving us with loads and piles of laundry to do.

Why do some children have issues with wetting the bed?

Many times it’s an imbalance of the nervous system, where the brain is not waking the kid up to use the toilet leaving the parents with crazy laundry amounts that are overwhelming.


Here are 3 Natural Solutions to bed-wetting:

1. Reduce if not avoid wheat or gluten.

Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley, spelt, and millet.

It actually shuts of the receptors to the bladder causing the body not to respond or  hear the bladder. So a full bladder and the body ignores it and wets the bed.

To this day, if my daugther gets wheat, she will wet the bed that night or the next day. Know though, sometimes it’s a combination of wheat AND dairy, so be on the look out!!

It is a great place to start.

2. Be sure it is not a chronic urinary tract infection of sorts. 

Many children, especially girls can be wiping in the wrong direction, i.e. from back to front, bringing the wrong bacteria to the wrong area.

Educate your child and be sure they are wiping the right way.

3. Balance the nervous system w laser therapy. It’s like acupuncture- without the needles.

It’s a laser that is painless, and balances the nervous system.

Kind of like re-booting a computer – this non-evasive device works with acupuncture points to balance the body eliminating bed wetting issues.

We found that after the bed-wetting program, my daughter , not only no longer wets her bed anymore, but has had an increase in appetite, has grown faster, and is more stable emotionally !!

I would recommend this highly to any parent that has had a child with a bed wetting issue!


Other resources that help ALOT : https://www.bedwettingandaccidents.com/


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