11 Easy Ways to Improve your Sleep and Prevent Insomnia

Ways to Improve your Sleep and Prevent Insomnia

Sleep is the body’s way of resetting and healing itself. If you are not sleeping then you are not functioning and healing well. Sleep helps your brain and body readjust to the stress placed upon it during the day.

  1. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule, even on the weekends .Plan to get seven to eight hours of sleep each night, aiming for a bedtime around 10pm or earlier.


  1. Expose your body to natural light for at least 30 minutes per day. Be sure to minimize this exposure at night. The light from digital media can lower your melatonin, which can make you less sleepy.


  1. Avoid caffeine (after 3pm) and alcohol (after dinner). Intake of either, particularly later in the day can disrupt the sleep cycle.


  1. Avoid visible clocks and clock watching. Keeping track of the time spent not sleeping can be stressful and worsen insomnia. The light emitted from a clock, although slight, can still lower melatonin and affect sleep.


  1. Write down a list of tomorrow’s tasks so you can sleep worry-free.


  1. Keep the bedroom cooler. Keeping your face cool and your hands and feet warm, can induce sleep and enhance melatonin production.


  1. Keep the bedroom dark and quiet. Even a small amount of light from an alarm clock or device can lower your melatonin levels causing sleep issues. So it’s best to get the room as dark and quiet as possible.


  1. Keep pets outside the bedroom at night.


  1. Invest in a quality pillow and mattress.


  1. Increase exposure to bright light in the morning. This helps to regulate the day and night cycles.


  1. Exercise regularly. 10 minutes of a brisk walk a few times a day is the best activity you can do to keep stress low and your circulation healthier.

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