3 Steps to prevent disease and suffering

How to prevent disease – take care of your genes.
If your gene’s are a gun, your lifestyle is the bullet that loads it.
If you are not eating well , your health WILL suffer!
When your biochemistry is not working well or when you have multiple genetic variants, which can be pretty common, – symptoms occur.
Over time if these symptoms are not addressed properly – then disease happens! That is why a lot of things ‘run in the family.’
This is something I passionately want to prevent, as prevent is the best cure, one of my favorite Naturopathic principles! 🙂
A Few Examples:
The MTHFR varient or genetic alteration, affects the body’s ability to absorb the B vitamin, Folate. When a person is not absorbing folate well, it can affect many systems in the body – from fertility to cardiovascular issues.
Many women that have the MTHFR gene can have a possibility of miscarriage–  something one would definitely want to prevent. This gene variant can also give a person a susceptibility for cardiovascular or even mood issues.
PON1 genetic alterations or variants are another flaw in your system that can make exposure to pesticides quite toxic. If an individual has a PON1 gene and doesn’t eat an organic diet or likes to spray bug spray or pesticides everywhere they can become pretty toxic as their body is not able to excrete the pesticides or bug sprays and that is not good!
MAT genetic alternations can cause a lot of muscular issues since this gene helps with the absorption of creatine or the fuel that most muscles work from. Most people that have issues building muscle, have a lot of body pains, or get stiff pretty often may have the MAT genetic alteration.
There are hundreds of different genetic variants that you could have inherited, the best thing you can do is to find out which one you have so you can get it to express in a healthy way, instead of turning into a diseased state!
So what are the steps we could take to get started? 
1. Get your genetic work up done by going to 23andme.com and ordering a genetic kit. It’s only $199, a great deal!! The down side is it takes about 8-10 weeks to get the results so the sooner you can order it, give  saliva sample, and send it back the better!!  (Disclaimer – I have no affiliation with this website, I simply just use the data)
2. Once you receive your results, download the raw data under your account settings. Download this to ‘genetic genie.com’.
3. Make an appointment so we can go over the results together, as I have a nifty program that will translate the data into something that makes sense to us all. 🙂 (*We are currently booked about about a month in advance so keep that in mind with the time frame*)
** Note: My goal is not to address just your genetic variants, but to address you as a person. Many times your genetic variants are highly influenced by your diet and lifestyle.
So my protocols would be personalized to work with your specific needs, and what is a priority for you as an individual. Everyone is different and everyone will need something different.
Let’s prevent disease and suffering!!
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