So you have MTHFR , now what? 4 Steps to Start with:

What is MTHFR?? 

MTHFR stands for methyl – tetra-hydro-folate reductase, and it is an enzyme that helps you metabolize folate. Which is the back bone to your DNA.

Without this essential enzyme you can become more susceptible to many different health concerns ranging from infertility and miscarriage to cardiovascular disease.

What can you do now?

Here are 4 steps to start with:

1. Clean up your diet – start eating 1 big raw green salad daily. I’m not talking iceberg here, but romaine and spring greens. If you can do organic greens even better!

Raw greens are naturally high in folate! Folate is short for foliage – and foliage is green. So stick to eating a big salad daily and you will get all the easy to digest – methyl folates from these salads.

2. Avoid all forms of  synthetic FOLIC ACID.

Folic acid is man made! Synthesized by man in a lab. Avoid it as some researchers say that this folic acid can cause cancer.

For those that have MTHFR – folic acid is not metabolized and that is not good for the body.

3. Go to and order a kit.

I know the site itself mainly markets it’s product to find your relatives and know your background ethnicity.

But – what I like is that you get all your raw genetic data.

I can use this to plug into a program and this will tell us all the pathways in your body that are essentially not working well.

If we can determine the pathways or biochemistry that is not working well, we can help to get to the root of the problem.

Using this data along with understanding you as a person- is vital for addressing your symptoms and putting together a protocol.

4. GIve me a call and set up an appointment or just call for a 15 minute phone consultation to answer any questions you may have.

Just because you have MTHFR doesn’t mean you will get xy and z disease! Your genes are not your reality !! Your lifestyle and diet can change everything!!

You can change the way your genes are expressed through proper diet and supplementation!

Just know that its going to need to change in the diet and stress management section of your life. If you are willing , I am wiling to help you. 🙂

So get on the phone or just use our online scheduler to schedule an appointment!  704-543-5540 🙂

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