3 Things to do when bit by a Tick …

Tick Bites – what to do.

Ever look down and freak out because there is a unexpected tick embedded into your skin sucking your blood?

Not the best feeling ever and quite alarming.

What are the 3 best steps you can do if this does happend? 

Well this week, I had a patient in that experienced this, so I wanted to write to remind you of the best things you can do when you get bit by a tick.

1. Do not crush, twist, or try to singe it off with a hot match.

When you molest the tick, you run the risk of it regurgitating all of it’s bacteria back into your body, which increases the risk of infections.

Best to lightly grip the bug with a tweezers and pull directly backwards on it.

2. Next save the tick and wash the area with soap and water.
Yes I know the first thing you’d like to do is throw the bugger away and never see it again. But the best thing would be to save it and freeze it!


Because that way you can send it to a lab and get it checked for any bacteria like lymes or Rocky Mt Spotted fever.

That way you know for sure if you need severe antibiotics or just some immune support.

3. Note any symptom changes & Start taking immune support!

Write on the calender the day you got bit and where on your body. Take a picture even.

The more symptoms you can note and write down the better.
Symptoms to look out for would be:

– Fever or chills
-Swelling and pain in the area
– Flu like symptoms

Begin the following Immune system support:

Vitamins A,C, D

Standard Process:
Andrographis Herbal Complex
Spleen Support
Cataplex ACP
Cataplex F

AVOID Sugars!! As sugar depresses immunity for 5 hours~!

**Call your doctor if anything worsens – **

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