Garcinia Cambogia is NOT the answer to Healthy WEIGHT LOSS

Weight Loss – Tips for easy weight loss.


So many people have asked me lately if Garcinia Cambogia is the answer to their weight loss battles.

Not only does this herb cause liver and kidney issues, but know that weight loss is NOT achieved by taking a pill, it’s changing your lifestyle!

Here are 3 Easy Natural Tips for Weight Loss:

  1. Get Good Sleep! If you are not sleeping well or sleeping at least 7 hours a night at minimum, you will not lose weight! Stress hormones, like cortisol, will increase making weight loss a disaster!
  2. Eat more fiber! Eating more fiber actually helps to satiate your system. Just be sure to increase your water intake to help keep those bowels moving. Just adding 1-2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds is helpful, along with eating those veggies! Eating 4 cups of veggies daily can help to decrease cancer by 73%!
  3. Be sure to eat protein to help stabilize blood sugar and keep cravings low and gone! Take your ideal weight and divide by two, this will give you the amount of protein in grams needed in a day. So if you are 140 lbs, you will need 70g per day. Divide that again in 3 and that is the amount of protein needed per meal.

Need more guidance and help with your weight loss journey?

Here is a informative online lecture for you – click here to learn more!

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