Eat Clean Meat , it’s healthier for you & less inflammatory

Need Clean Happy Meat?

Need a source for awesome clean Grass Fed & Finished Organic Meat?
Boy is it tasty! I just signed up with Butcher Box a clean meat source, and boy did Eamon and I enjoy that steak.

The prices are reasonable the benefits are immense!

Did you know that grass fed meat is less inflammatory and actually higher in omega 3 fatty acids than regular commercialized meat?

This type of meat actually grazes out side and has a healthier life which is better for the environment and so much healthier to consume.

The fact that it is ‘grass-fed & FINISHED’ means that instead of loading it up on corn fed to fatten up the meat before slaughter.

The meat is able to gallivant around and enjoy life before being turned into steak or what not.

Making your meat not full of inflammatory and stress hormones. 🙂

So much healthier for everyone!!

Check out Butcher Box – Great source for CLEAN ORGANIC MEATS

They have not only beef but grass fed and finished – organic chicken and pork as well.

Prices are around $6 per pound which is pretty decent for organic meats.

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