3 Immune Boosting Tips for Back to School

Back to school, sigh!

Well that time of the year is just around the corner at least for some. In a few weeks my two daugthers will head back to school.

I have mixed emotions about it. I know that my middle will do wonders and she is so ready. But I find myself tearful at times because , geez kids grow up fast, and the parenting road is bumpy and full of surprises.

Part of me doesn’t want them to grow up anymore, but then if they stayed at this age, I think I would lose my mind. You just kind of miss the sweet innocence of babies and toddlers and pre-K kids, that gets muddled when they are around older more worldly, mean, kids at school or wherever.

It is so fleeting, but hey, I have to learn to live in the now,and be grateful for the health of my children, and the fact that they are doing well. They are thriving and growing, and it is just part of life.

So let’s get to the 3 Immune Boosting tips to keep not only your kids well, but the family in general.

Tip numero uno/ #1:

Give them Vitamin D.

Ok so I have to say this – I do no feel you can get all your vitamin D stores from the sun, unless you wanted to be naked and laying in the sun daily….
VItamin D is essential in reducing chances of autoimmunity, cancer, and sicknesses. It’s proven effective in reducing the duration of upper respiratory infections as well.
KNOW that some individuals, DO have a genetic mutation, making them unable to absorb vitamin D and therefore need high amounts (5000 IU and up) daily!

So let’s take some vitamin D.

The best dose according to research is – 1000 IU per 25 lbs of body weight.

So if your child weights 45 lbs – I would do about 1 to 2,000 IU per day.

I prefer getting the vitamin D in a liquid oil form.

The reason why, is vitaminD is fat soluble (you can only absorb it if it’s in a fat environment) so being in olive oil or something like that is preferred.

Vitamin D does ALOT – some want to call lit a hormone instead of a vitamin because it is so busy and does soo much – it’s an over-achiever for sure!

Here are a few things it does for you
  • Improves your immune system
  • Improves mood
  • Improves mineral absorption
  • Lowers cancer risk
  • Lowers autoimmunity risk
  • Is super cool – yes!
Numero 2 –
Take a good probiotic.
Probiotics are just the good bugs in your gut that are needed for good health. (Did I say good a bit too much, haa)
With the food that us Americans eat, the stress we are under, the chlorinated water we drink either at home or at restarants, the antibiotics and medications we take, the c-sections that we were born from, etc.
All of these things kill our natural good gut bugs.
80% Of your immunity comes from your good guys in your gut.
So if you are not getting and replenishing these dudes, you are more susceptible to getting sick.
So take some good probiotics, preferably at least 25 billion.
Numero 3 –¬†
This one is a kicker – but avoid that sugar!
Yes. I know. Annoying to say, right?
But SO true!
Did you know that 1 teaspoon or 4 g of sugar can knock your immunity down for 5 hours?
Did you know a can of most soda is 39 g?
Check your flavored yogurt guys- it can be worse than soda.
Oh and those juices yes are a culprit as well, yes OJ not so great in sugar content.
“Oh but it’s natural” – sugar is sugar people.
If it is natural and part of a fruit that is better – because it has the fiber with it. But juice is juice – and is high in sugar.
So don’t give it to your kids.
Dilute it – ALOT and it can lessen the sugar intake.
Reduce that sugar and you will reduce those colds, viruses, and bacterias.
Oh and for those of you with kids – let’s create a new movement and start bringing stickers, or pencils, something other than cake, cup cakes, and candy for your kiddo’s birthday.
Because if you think about it, there seems to be a birthday every week at school. Which makes them not only hyper and unable to learn, but golly that is alot of sugar – which is going to make those shields go down, and make your child more susceptible to the sniffles!
So cut it out, ūüôā ok?!?
Ok I will stop now.
Know that if you are not sure with what or where to buy your supplements.
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May God Bless you with peace, wisdom, and endurance and your littles with thick skin, patience, and enduranceРas they head back to school this year! Amen!

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