Going back to school – Praying scriptures over your children helps!!

Back to school emotions.
Today I dropped my oldest at 2nd grade and my middle daughter at kindergarden.
Luckily my youngest is only 4.5, but came along for the drop off. We found a bear that was hanging out in the library – so we said hello and went on our way.
I did hold it together (did not cry a tear) and was really excited, mainly because they are excited.
What has been helpful is a book that my mother in law gave me. It’s called, Praying scriptures over your children, by Jodie Berndt. It really has been a blessing to me and a great reminder that our children are not our own. They are the Lords, and we have the duty to raise them into capable adults that should bring joy and love to all around.
Each chapter is dedicated to a worry or an issue that you would worry about. Then at the end of each chapter there are some very helpful scriptures that have spaces to put your child’s name in it. Heck I place my husband’s and my name in those empty spaces as well. We can use all the prayer we can get.
This parenting thing is no joke and at times you are just at loss for words AND at loss for what to do? SOmetimes I just have to tell my kids, “mommy is not sure how to react to this so I will have to get back to you on that,” other times I’m not so graceful and just yell at them, or tell them to stop. Heck to be fully transparent, the other day I just told the kids, you want to fight? Then just go in there and have it out. Which actually turned out OK – the girls just threw each other around a bit and ended up laughing through it. (shrug) No pain, no blood, no injuries, and they got their frustrations out. We will see how that goes.
But for those parents out there that are worried and having a hard time letting go. This book has been a life saver and a stress reliever.
There is a relatable story and then some solid scripture verses to chew and marinate on. Good stuff!!
We are looking forward for what God has in store for this year.
I know God has them in the palm of His hands and will do great things with them and through them. 🙂
But, they were not lying when they say the days are long but the years are short! Here are a few pics from this morning. Right?!

May God bless you on this day, and fill you with peace, joy, and patience. We can all use some of that that’s for sure!!

Be Blessed and thanks for visiting!!

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