Feeling down, slow, shortness of breath? Could be lack of this…

More tired than normal? Down? Short of breath? Palpitations? It could be a lack of this….
Recently I have had a number of patients coming in feeling low. Feeling down. Feeling short of breathe and palpitations.
These are all symptoms that can be related to low hemoglobin or iron in the blood.
So when someone mentions these symptoms I have their blood checked with a simple finger stick. It makes such a huge difference!


One women who came in, looked quite pale, just feeling so down, and in the dumps.
We checked her blood to see what the content of heme or iron was, and it was quite low.
When I told her what was causing her symptoms, she said, “Wow I had no idea that being low in iron could be the cause of depression.”
During her 3 week follow up she looked like a different person. Less pale, good color, even her hair looked shiney and brighter. She said she felt SO much better. (Of course I didn’t just give her iron support but also other supplements to help as well.)


But the really friend, you need to know that ANY symptom you are having THERE is a definite direct correlation to an imbalance or deficiency !!!
There is a REASON for ANY symptom, we just have to find it out.
Symptoms are a way of your body telling you, “hey something is wrong, imbalanced, and not right, help me out here!”


So if you are not feeling right OR-
If you are not feeling as good as you have been in the last few years.


Please give us a call and we can find out what you are deficient!
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“Oh but my doctor says that my blood work is – normal”

NORMAL Blood work is NOT Optimal!!

**Also if you have had blood work and your doctor says – “everything is NORMAL, know it is not optimal and you can still do things to improve your levels to a more optimal level!!


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