Know your genes, know what vitamins you need long term.

Genes, it is what you are made up of.

Did you know that you have genes for everything.

Genes that help you metabolize different vitamins.

Genes that help you feel calm, those that help you feel overwhelmed.

Genes that help with proper DNA and cell production.

There can be many mutations to these genes, as we are all mutants in some way,  but not in an X-man sort of way.

There is an explanation for everything.

MTHFR is one gene that helps make an enzyme that helps you absorb folate.

Folate is the backbone to your DNA.

DNA is needed to make any new cell in your body.

Cells that are needed to make new skin, hair, nails, or intestinal linings or heart cells.

Really any cells anywhere.

So if you have a mutation in this gene, you have a chance of not producing strong body cells to repair yourself with. Not a good thing.


So usually for most patients I recommend the gene testing. It really helps me to determine which nutrients or supplements are needed on a longer term basis.

For example, I myself, am a pretty good mutant, I’m just full of mutations or snps if you will. SNPS are (single nucleotide polymorphisms) – it’s really just where your biochemistry is broken OR not working as well as it could.

So me being mutant and having the knowledge of where I am not working well (where my biochemistry is not supported)- I know that everyday I NEED- riboflavin or B2, P5p or B6, and digestive support. IF I do not get this support then, I DO NOT feel as great, and DO NOT function as well.

So where is your biochemistry broken ?

What nutrients do you need to feel better and make up for your mutations?

Want to find out?

If you are interested – go to and run your genetic panel – then plug in your results at  or

Call me for a FREE 15 min phone consultation to answer any questions you may have about our services. 

Then, make an appointment and we can go over the results – you willb e happy you did. My goal is to teach you what you need and when to take these supplements because with some snps you really do NOT need the nutrients ALL the time. Just as needed for different symptoms. 

Oh and here’s a cool video that will help answer some questions that you may have.

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