Yoga for Better Digestion

Yoga is something, once learned correctly can bring many benefits to the body.

I find myself doing yoga after waking up , 5 minutes here and there and boy does it make you feel better and more alert.

The breathing that goes with the movement, lowers stress hormones like cortisol, and brings peace and good feelings to the body.

I find that holding some poses are also beneficial for digestion along with moods.

Some people maybe cautious of yoga related activities fearing that it may interfere with their own beliefs. I do not feel that way – I feel and many times I pray while doing yoga or site my own scriptures during classes.

What you think upon is what you meditate on, so meditate on good things, pure, lovely, admirable and excellent, right?

Here is a great article I found helpful, it was written by Ali Washington, and educates on the 5 poses that aid in better digestion.

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