Happy 10 Years to us!!! :)

Wow, 10 years in practice!


2007- After graduating – I always told Eamon, my husband, that I would never open my own practice.

Never had the interest – too scary, too hard, too much pressure, not doing it. But things changed…

Children not only push you to your limits, but motivate and grow you to do things you thought you would never ever do.

For instance, the thought of catching vomit in my hands while my child got sick was never something I would have thought I would do. OR grabbing the floating poop in the bathtub to keep it away from my other children was another.

Never did I think I would say to my kid, “Don’t lick the TV, Don’t lick the toilet, Don’t lick the table, etc.”

Kids will change you and form you into stronger, more capable, more confident people.

But when she came into the world and my priorities became family even more – she was the motivation to drive me- to open my own practice.

I wanted more than anything to bring her to my practice and be with her (as some of you got to meet some of our kids early on years ago).

I wanted the ability to make time to go see their school activities and chaperone their events when possible. 🙂

It’s what life is about  – enjoying the good that God gives.

2017- 10 years past, bringing Eamon on board, 3 kids born, additional doctor, and now our recent expansion that has doubled our space – what a journey!

Wow – there have been ups and downs. It has not been easy but I have learned SO much and have enjoyed the process!!

Having a practice is like having a few more children, it takes alot of time and effort, sweat and tears – BUT if I were asked if I would do it again – YES is the answer! 🙂


My passion is working with parents and their family members to RESTORE their health – so they can do the best parenting and jobs they need to do, to make the world a better place.

Because everyone knows if you don’t have your health, you really do not have anything!

We thank you all for your loyalty throughout the years and appreciate your support.

Be blessed today!

For those that are interested in RESTORING Their health Naturally – give us a call for a Free 15 minute consultation – we love to help you out. 704-543-5540

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