Things are changing the more I learn in my practice – it’s awesome!

Being in medicine and practicing is a constant ever changing dynamic.


I love it.


Know that I love to learn and in learning it changes the way I do things.




I think it’s so important, because medicine is hard. It’s not something that is simple. But more complex, always complex.


God made our bodies quite intricate and it’s incredible how adaptive we can be to the stress and abuse that we put our bodies through!


That being said I have done over 80 CEU’s in the last few years. Know that I need 20 CEUs with each year, but yet my love for learning makes me constantly question and sign up for more training/learning.


I feel I need it to help you improve and bring your health more to an optimal level.


Because some of you, are a HOT MESS! 🙂


SO that being said, if you are reading this and have not been in to see me in a while, it’s time to come in!


Things are different. 


The way I practice is different and will continue to change.


The way I began practicing is WAY different than what I am doing now.


What is new you ask?


Lab work has become more of a part of what I do.
The way I think through a case is quite different.


My knowledge in the last 2 years has grown quite significantly, therefore HOW I address things is quite different!


“But my lab work is “normal”. “

KNOW this is probably NOT true.

Because –

Most M.D.’s do not run the complete panels and only superficially comb the needed foundational markers to help find out what is underlying.


They look for what is “normal” or “average”.


But who wants to be “NORMAL”??


Everyone wants a more OPTIMAL level, not normal.


So come in and schedule, be sure to bring in a copy of your latest BLOOD WORK.


That way I can see what foundationally may be wrong with you on a cellular level.


As my knowledge and experience GROWS so does my ability to HELP you and your family. 🙂 It’s a passion and a privilege and I LOVE IT!
So feel free to come on in and get your body checked so we can improve your health and prepare your body for the holidays and for the next year to come! 
Love to all!! 


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If you are reading this and you are not a past patient, feel free to call us for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation, where we can answer any questions you may have about our services and see if it’s a good fit to come in.

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