Do you eat or drink when stressed? 3 Tips to stop…

WE all do it!!

We eat or drink -when we are feeling stressed!
What is your ‘go-to’ fix?

Chocolate? Brownies? Beer? Wine? Pizza?

This can get out of hand pretty quickly! It something that is ingrained in us when babies crying and our parents using food to soothe us. It’s a natural oral fixation that as gripped many of us.

But this pattern, if left for too long, will destroy your health as well as relationships.

It really comes down to a heart issue and what or whom do you turn to, when you are feeling down, hurt, angry, or of course stressed.

In the book, “The Brillance of Emotional Eating” Dani Spies  writes,

‘Some emotion arises that makes us uncomfortable – – doesn’t have to be bad, it could be excitement about an upcoming event, stress, anxiety, depression, or exhaustion; then we use food to soothe those feelings  without ever dealing with the original emotion or feeling. We DO feel better TEMPORARILY!! But then afterward, we often have, regret, shame, disappointment, AND the original emotion, which hasn’t been tended to yet! So now we’ve compounded the problem.’

So what to do about it?

Here are 3 steps to improve this unhealthy stress pattern:

  1. Ask yourself WHY am I eating the whole bag of chips right now? What is the emotion that pushes me towards this behavior? Don’t be too critcal with yourself, give yourself grace. Just gather data, allow yourself to FEEL whatever it is.
  2. Ask yourself  HOW can I nourish this NEED without food? Taking the time to learn this is a beautiful act of SELF CARE. Start simple to know yourself better, and learn to take care of yourself on the deepest level.
  3. SIGN for the TRANSFORM program – with Lisa Berryhill, facilitator and health coach.  She does an awesome monthly program that works the root cause of emotional eating to break these unhealthy patterns! It is LIFE changing!!

Do you have an interest in this program? Does this resonate with you??

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