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Thyroid Health.

The thyroid has receptors in EVERY cell in the body. So if your thyroid is imbalanced, YOU WILL be imbalanced, fatigued, and NOT well.

Here are 10 phenomenal jobs your Thyroid plays a role in.

  1. It helps to balance inflammation and is anti-inflammatory. So if you are low in thyroid hormone or HYPO-Thyroid – you will be in a constant state of INFLAMMATION.
  2. It takes a HUGE part in your IMMUNE system. So if you are sick all the time, you best check your thyroid levels! (see below for more information on this one!)
  3. Regulation of BLOOD PRESSURE and circulation. Cold hands? Cold Feet? Blood pressure Issues? Check that thyroid.
  4. Happy or Sad? The thyroid plays a huge role in regulation of your happy or sad hormones or NEUROTRANSMITTERS. So those with anxiety, mood swings, or depression- you know what to check, check that thyroid!
  5. Prevention of DEMENTIA, regulation of thyroid hormones are essential.
  6. Management of MAST cells or involved in the regulation of allergies.
  7. OSTEOPOROSIS prevention – be sure your thyroid is balanced people!
  8. Liver detoxification and the build up of TOXINS, will occur IF the thyroid is NOT regulated to optimal levels!
  9. CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE  – like high cholesterol and triglycerides – will happen if THYROID is not regulated.
  10. Prevents memory issues and learning disabilities in children.

SO as you can see, the thyroid is NO JOKE! It is of UPMOST importance, to be sure you are checking for optimal levels.


Most people when I ask them, if their doctors have checked their thyroid, they say – “Oh well my doctor already checked it and it’s NORMAL.”

KNOW – that your doctor or regular doctors, usually ONLY check TSH levels. That is only ONE marker out of at least 5-7 markers that you can check! It’s like just checking the oil in a vehicle and saying, everything is ‘normal’. It does not give you a proper indication of what is going on for the total health of that vehicle!

LAB TESTS to ask your doctor to run:

  • TSH
  • Free T3 & Free T4
  • Total T3 & Total T4
  • TPO Antibodies & Thyroglobulin Antibodies
  • Reverse T3
  • Thyroid Ultrasound

If your doctor will not run the above tests, just give us a call!! We would be happy to help!!!

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