Back to School Immune Tips – 3 Tips for Better Health

Back to School Time! 

On top of BACK TO SCHOOL W COVID. – 😜😜😜

My kids will return to school, for 2 days a week. Shrug, not sure how that will work, but we are doing our best with what we have, focusing on the positive!

Take a deep breath!! We WILL get through it all TOGETHER!

Here are a few tips to help keep your little ones healthy! Know that if , after these tips, they still get sick – then further investigation is needed. This would include investigation on food allergies, unfavorable gut bugs, as well as deficiencies in certain nutrients.

TIP #1

Avoid Sugary Snacks! Keep sugar intake LOW. 

Sugar depresses the immune system.

It’s that simple!

So watch those labels and limit the high sugar snacks – don’t pack them in your child’s lunches –


SO, really try to limit the sugar daily!! If not AVOID it. 🙂

I’d LOVE to start a new cultural norm, that instead of bringing in cupcakes and sweets for birthdays, we can do small toys or stickers or something!

Don’t get me wrong, my kids do get some sweets on their birthdays, BUT at school it seems like there is a birthday EVERY week, and TOO often.

Here’s a fact that shows the potency of a little bit of sugar, just one teaspoon of sugar will LOWER immunity for up to 5 HOURS. There are little pac men in the immune system, called Phagocytes, that munch up any invaders like bacteria and viruses. BUT when a  teaspoon or more sugar is consumed, these phagocytic pac men are OUT. They take a nap and are inactive for 5 hours.

It’s not a helpful thing, as there are always bacteria and viruses that your body is fending off. So watch your sugar intake, stick to unprocessed foods, and your immune system will thank you for it!

TIP #2

Immune supportive Supplements- (Garlic, Echinachea, Elderberry, Astragalus, Andrographis )

These herbs pack a punch for good immunity! Helpful to increase those pac man cells that clear invaders.

The trick is finding them in a form that your kiddos will chew up and swallow. I’ve had my kids hide their supplements in the couch or in their pockets. Incorporating these helpful herbs in foods is easier to hide and cover up.

Sometimes just throwing a head of garlic in the oven and cooking it until soft is awesome for immunity AND adds a wonderful savory taste to any type of food (meat, potatoes, veggies, it all works).

There are a number of children’s formulas that incorporate these herbs for kids.  The tricky part is getting the kids to swallow it.

Tips I have for that: Throwing it in a smoothie, mixing it in a Popsicle, and even hiding it in a nut butter.


TIP #3

Vitamin D3 for immunity.

If I had a nickel for the times I’ve had patients tell me, oh they don’t need vitamin D, because they have been out in the sun, I’d have alot of nickels. 🙂

Really, you have to be out in the sun, NAKED, for hours (living in NC). If you are reading this and you live closer to the equator, well then you would have better luck getting your vitamin D from the sun. The thing is it is becoming more common to have a genetic mutation that keeps you from absorbing vitamin D very efficiently. So with this genetic mutation – you just are not efficient at either getting vitamin D from the sun AND not as efficient at absorbing it even from a supplement. Those with the ‘VDR taq’ mutation have to take rather large amounts of vitamin D (5000-8000IU daily) to be able to absorb just some of that amount.

That’s why I feel it’s important that EVERYONE is staking a Vitamin D supplement of some sort.

Vitamin D is like a super hero when it comes to helping with sickness – the thing is – you must take HIGH DOSES to be really effective.

Acute or just recent illnesses, should be given upwards to 60-75,000 IU of vitamin D. This helps nip whatever bacteria and viruses away!

Vitamin D is a super hero because it protects you from autoimmunity, cancer, depression, and a number of infections. If I had to pick just ONE supplement to give it would be ONE to choose.

So there are 3 helpful tips to help your kiddos with a protective start to the new school year.

There are many other supplements that can be helpful, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Zinc to name a few.

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What it includes:
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