Emotional Eating Revealed – 3 Questions to Ask yourself…

Everyone has done it.

Stress is through the rough and when things are crazy and hitting the fan, many go to grab that one thing that will make it ALL better.

What’s your thing? Is it chocolate? Alcohol? Starbucks?

Or more the salty savory chips, pretzels, or pizza?

We are all trained from a young age to sooth ourselves using food.

Ask yourself, what is the first thing you give a crying baby? A bottle.

What’s one thing some doctors offices give a child after he or she gets a shot? Candy.

Challenge yourself next time you are feeling stressed – instead of grabbing that beer or chocolate bar – go for a walk, go to the gym, call a friend, or just sit and breathe deep. It will change your life.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself to being the journey of change for the BETTER> The KEY is to give yourself GRACE and ask yourself the following:

  1. WHY am I eating this WHOLE bag of chips right NOW?
  2. Am I REALLY hungry or just STRESSED?
  3. WHAT true EMOTION is underlying this situation?

Once you have the answers you can identify the REASON, which will shed light on the WHY.

Then work on managing this WHY in a healthier WAY.  🙂

Easier said than done, right?? YES!

If this is something you are struggling with and have so for a while, you are NOT ALONE! 🙂

EVERYONE has an issue with this, and we are all in this together.

The SOONER you change this pattern, the sooner you will see vast improvements in your health and wellness.

Know yourself BETTER, LEARN to take care of yourself at a DEEPER level – only then can we achieve LASTING health benefits!!

If you are interested, shoot us an email at info@charlottenaturalwellness-com-staging.kz79whtk-liquidwebsites.com — in the next bit we will have a program that will help to CHANGE the root of this behavior.

We will meet once a week  for several months to put a stop to it. BEST of all – you will have the support of many to help you through it, cause we ALL need help in this area. 

🙂 704-543-5540


The definition of emotional eating is when the desire to eat is being driven by a feeling or emotion rather than driven by actual hunger.

Dani Spies, the creator of Cleananddelicious.com, states that “Some emotion arises that makes us uncomfortable

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