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Reduce Stress & Improve Tension with Chiropractic

Did you know that when your spine is not in alignment it can cause extra stress and tension?

Did you know if your neck vertebrae/bones are slightly off it can increase chances of ear infection?

Did you know that sinus and allergies could be worse if your neck is out of alignment?

Did you know that if your knees are hurting it’s usually associated with a slight mis-alignment of your hips and lower back.

We get our cars aligned, but not our spine.

When was your last body ‘tune- up’??

Dr. Mikaela Henson is different from other Chiropractors. She uses a gentle – yet very effective form of chiropractic that is individualized to the person.

She can use different testing methods to determine what adjustment you need.

She uses a hand device called an ‘activator’ that helps to bring a gentle adjustment- with out the force of the twisting and jumping.

Call TODAY to speak with her about her techniques during a FREE 15 minute consultation.

Dr. Henson can see the whole Family – from infants to the elderly she has techniques that can help all!

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