What IS my problem? Why can’t I “just say ‘No’”? I’m a grown woman. I know better.

I’m intelligent and nutritionally well informed; so WHY can’t I walk away from the
___________?? (Insert your food demon issue here)

Because all the diet info in the world won’t address the issues of our hearts and minds
when it comes to using food for things OTHER than fuel.

Like what?

Most typically comfort, celebration, or even to numb unpleasant feelings like anxiety, fear, depression.

Food can be a fabulous distraction in the moment—it WORKS!—or we wouldn’t keep
using it!

But the shame, regret and excess weight that follow our emotional eating can
seem overwhelming, often causing us to feel that we may never change. Some have
even tried to adopt acceptance, as in “I was just meant to be fat. I’m tired of failing, I
can’t ever change.”

But true acceptance paves the way to peace and this pseudo-acceptance never does.

Because it’s NOT TRUE! We weren’t created to live in bondage to food! IT was created
for our sustenance and enjoyment and there IS a path through!

Are you ready to make a REAL change from the inside out?

Join us this January on Mondays as we meet in a small group setting to gain insight and
understanding into this challenge.

We will help you navigate your issues and give you
tools that can enable you to make lasting changes in your relationship with food.

Sign up below – Groups meet Monday from 630-8pm –

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