What’s Going ON? Finding FREEDOM from FOOD

Written By; Lisa Berryhill

“It’s not like I don’t know what to eat; it’s not for lack of good recipes, an understanding
of proper macros, or a plethora of diet plans I’ve already researched and been willing to

So…what is keeping me from being able to LOSE THE WEIGHT?

How do I go from being on track all day with the best intentions, to standing in the
kitchen realizing I’ve finished off ALL the ice cream? Again!?”

What is going ON?

In our new upcoming class, we are going to investigate the hidden hungers which drive
us to use food in ways that don’t serve us well.

If you are finally ready to do some candid
introspection to investigate what IS really going on with you, please consider joining our
small group class which will begin in January each Monday.

We will learn how to identify real needs, which perhaps up to now, we have consistently
used food to meet.

We will learn through education, increased awareness, intentional
practice and small group support how to make lasting lifestyle changes in this area of
emotional eating!

Food, or food restriction does NOT have to rule your life!

Join us and learn how to
begin to walk in freedom.



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