Be THANKFUL – it prevents disease!!

Are you GRATEFUL? It makes a difference not just emotionally but BIOCHEMICALLY!! 

So mama was right!! Be thankful!

So many times I’m astounded that the things you know you need to do and make sense in your brain actually are backed up by science! 

Like being grateful and thankful for the things you take for granted. 

We all know that we SHOULD be grateful for many things that we take for granted, but ARE WE?

The other night, my husband and I were watching a Netflix show on UNICEF , an organization that works to improve and support the world’s most impoverished children, it brought me to tears.

To watch the young children in Bangladesh running barley clothed, shoe-less, working all day to collect recycle-able garbage  to earn a few cents for food. They have no time for school and no time to play – and many die of horrible diseases.  WE TAKE SO MUCH FOR GRANTED!! Soo much to be thankful for!!

ALAS, I know I still have my days when I’m complaining about traffic, or standing in line, or whatever – instead we all need to STOP ourselves and begin to count out all our blessings.

Even on the harder , more demanding days , we are STILL so much better off than 1/3 of the WORLD.

BUT what really blows me away – is the fact that counting our blessings, being thankful – ACTUALLY physically affects our BIOCHEMISTRY!! It’s proven by research that stopping negative emotions and filling them instead , with positive emotions lowers IL-6, TNF-alpha, and CRP to name a few.

IL-6, CRP, and TNF-alpha are inflammatory markers that trigger disease processes  (like Type II diabetes, central obesity, cancer, & other inflammatory processes – so it’s all in our better interest to keep these monster-like markers reduced!

AND an easy way to do that- is start writing , HECK – if you don’t have time for that- then when you catch yourself being negative or thinking negative thoughts –   then do a switcher-roo and begin to think of the many many things us Americans have to be thankful for!

If this is challenging, then start with the clothes on your back, the car that you drive, the phone that you are holding, etc.

Once you begin – it does get easier! 

“Whatever is TRUE, whatever is RIGHT, whatever is PURE, LOVELY, ADMIRABLE, & EXCELLENT, think on these things. ” (Phil 4:8)


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