You NEED this, IF you are drinking COFFEE….

Why the coffee and sugar you are consuming is causing issues AND deficiencies!! 

Don’t’ get me wrong – I LOVE my cup of organic ARABICA every morning.

But something I learned recently – blew my mind!

So I wanted to share…. to help keep your BONES strong and happy and help you get the MOST of your vitamin D supplement!

In order to prevent osteoporosis and keep your bones strong – everything thinks about calcium.

Calcium for strong bones  makes sense. BUT many people are missing a few more nutrients to keep their bones strong.

In an article by The Journal for American Osteopathic Association, wrote about the importance of Magnesium and Vitamin D in the maintenance of bone health.


This article blew my mind!!

So often I have prescribed vitamin D for the proper absorption of calcium for strong bones. BUT I had noticed for some patients – their vitamin D status was NOT changing after months of taking mega doses of vitamin D.

The reason for this was IF you are LOW in magnesium – then you are not activating the factors needed to ABSORB and use the Vitamin D!! 

Vitamin D is essential for BONE health but also SO many other factors as well including : immunity, mood, mineral absorption, and hormones.


The thing is SOO many of us = LOVE our coffee and sugar. These are factors that make you  pee out your vitamins from your body.

One of the BIGGEST vitamins that gets ELIMINATED out when you are eating your sugar and coffee – is, MAGNESIUM!! 

So here’s a new rule – when drinking coffee or eating a lot of sugar – do your body AND your bones a FAVOR and take some magnesium! 500mg at least at a go.

(Best to keep adding magnesium UNTIL your STool becomes soft – then cut back by a teaspoon if you are using a powder)

KNOW That too much magnesium can give you diarrhea, so watch out. But otherwise it’s water soluble so if you get too much your body will just eliminate it.

Food sources of magnesium ARE: spinach, artichokes, swiss chard, beet & turnip greens, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, quinoa, black beans, lima beans, almonds, green beans, walnuts, brazil nuts, pine nuts, broccoli, tomatoes


Know in my opinion, you really can NOT get enough magnesium through food sources – so eat well, but also take a high quality magnesium – your bones will thank you later! 




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