What SHOULD I be eating? No carbs or low carbs?

Over the years looking back it amazes me how much I change HOW I practice, when I learn new things. I’m constantly looking to learn new things to help the difficult cases that I come into contact with on a daily basis.

Perfectionist at heart, I’m driven and passionate to help. If I do not feel I’m helping then, it drives me to learn more and search for more to learn.

Over the years, I always felt that I was lacking in giving the proper support and guidance with nutrition and having a structured program to help with what to eat. As I always get the question, “What should I eat>?”

Everyone is different genetically and biochemically, so EVERYONE should be eating slightly different, was something I always believed in. For instance, one person may feel better on a KETO diet, while others feel horrible on KETO. Why is this?

Well everyone works differently, so there is NEVER one answer to everyone!! Thus everyone shouldn’t eat the same combinations of carbs, proteins, and fats!

I feel excited and hopeful as I finally found a program that helps to give structure and answers the “What to eat’ question for everyone!

The answer is found in one’s urine!

Doing an Urine analysis (checking for different markers with urine strips) will determine what should that person eat more carbs or less carbs? More protein or less protein?

You maybe thinking – oh another ketone check perhaps?
NOPE – it’s not just ketones one is checking but actually liver markers, protein, glucose, and the ratios between them.

SUPER neat stuff!

PLUS eating right for your body type and biochemistry not only helps you feel better, lose weight, but also helps to balance your hormones as well!!

Some people will have to check in every week- others every 2 weeks and some only once a month, until goals are reached.

The program is called- Shape Reclaimed, click below to learn more.

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