3 Reasons why you are hungry ALL the time…

By: Dr. Michelle Dillon, ND

Does it seem like no matter what you are always hungry?

Do you think you may have a pin worm or parasite?

There are a number of reasons why you maybe hungry all the time here are 3 reasons.

  1. You are eating too much junk food & sweets! & You are not eating enough protein or healthy fats in your diet. 

High sugar foods will cause a roller coaster ride for your blood sugar!

The minute you have something high in sugar like a doughnut, sweet, or candy – it causes your blood sugar to soar, then an hour later it plummets!

Once your blood sugar drops fast and hard – you will be clawing for something sweet.

And thus the vicious cycle continues!

The key ? Eating more protein and healthy fats, avoid the high carby foods and sugar.

Protein and fat are the food groups that help keep you satiated and less hungry the longest due to the fact that its the foods that take the longest to break down.  Making sure you are eating 20g of protein with each meal is important this is equivalent to at least 3-4oz of meat with each meal.

Most people that are vegetarian will find themselves more hungry, usually because they are eating higher carbs. Most vegetarians that I see are not eating just veggies they actually are just focusing on carb rich foods or sometimes just pastas and beans to keep them going.  Beans are debatable – they do have some protein in them but not as much as a few ounces of meat.

Adding just a few ounces of meat will make the biggest difference when it comes to your energy levels and keeping you full longer.

 2. You are thirsty.

Ask yourself before grabbing for something to eat. Hmm – have I had anything to drink today?

Am I thirsty or am I truly hungry?

IF you are craving colder things like ice cream or Popsicles – there’s a good chance that you are actually thirsty!

Most people do not drink enough fluids during the day. You should have at least 6-8 glasses of filtered water daily. Don’t drink tap water it’s full of carcinogens!

3. You are not sleeping well & are stressed out.

If you are tossing and turning at night, not sleeping well, and are stressed out. Then I assure you – you will probably be reaching for the junk foods.


When you don’t sleep well & stress is high – your body in order to protect itself will release CORTISOL . When cortisol is high it not only keeps you from sleeping BUT it causes your blood sugar to be all over the place – causing you to not only be hungry but to crave some sweets.

The answer?

Eat higher protein foods.

Manage  that stress!

Take some time off.

Go for a walk in a green pretty park area.

Get some hugs.

All of the above will help to manage those cortisol levels.


TRIED everything and still feeling off? 

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