Still Feel Bad Despite Normal Lab Results

4 Reasons you are SO tired….

By Dr. Michelle Dillon

DO you feel like a sloth? Moving slow, feeling slow, no energy?

Do you want to live and work out of your bed, dozing when you are able?

Do you feel like you are walking through mud?

Lack of energy affects EVERY part of your life. It can make you more irritable with your co workers and family members.

It affects your productivity at work, home, and in anything you put your hand to do.

Here are 4 reasons why you maybe tired and what to do about it:


There is a thyroid receptor in EVERY cell in your body!! So if you have any thyroid insufficiency it WILL affect your health in many ways!

Don’t take the comment from your PCP that “Your thyroid is normal, ” when all that was checked was ONE marker called the TSH.

In my opinion, it really does not get a whole picture of what can be happening with your thyroid.

Did you know that TSH is a pituitary hormone that regulates the thyroid. It does not check the thyroid hormones themselves.

Usually running TSH, Free T3, Total T3, Free T4, Total T4, Reverse T3 – and then a few markers checking antibodies to the thyroid gives a better picture of what is occurring than just TSH.


There are many many forms of anemia, but if you are anemic it is essentially starving your body parts of oxygen. So you will never improve your energy if you have anemia and it is not addressed properly.

KNOW that most doctors are not able to run IRON with your routine blood work. And if you are not running TOTAL IRON serum then you will not know if you have Iron deficiency anemia.

Which can be pretty common if you are one with heavy periods, vegetarian, and or chronically ill.

Those that have a man in your life, running IRON is also very important as TOO much iron can cause death (hemachromatosis) is what too much iron in the blood is called and it can be a genetic trait that some people do no know runs in their family. So super important to always run iron when it comes to blood work.

Those that have super heavy periods NEED to be assessed for anemias – if this is NOT corrected, your energy will not improve very much because the root issue is not being addressed.



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