3 Reasons for Anxiety and what to do about it

3 Causes of Anxiety & What to do about it! 

Anxiety – the world would be a better place without it.

It can cause racing throughts, sweaty hands, insomnia, and high blood pressure.

Here are 3 reasons anxiety runs rampant in our culture:

  1. Blood sugar imbalances.

Did you know that if your blood sugar is irregular it can cause anxiety to increase?

Say you have a horrible sugar filled breakfast of doughnuts and cinnamon buns, no protein what so ever.

Your body will deal with it – the sugar content in the doughnuts will spike your blood sugar and then after an hour or so your blood sugar will drop drastically.

What goes up, must come down.

When your blood sugar drops this fast – your body will kick in stress hormones to help raise the blood sugar back to normal. In doing this you can begin to feel anxious for no reason.

Now many of you reading this probably do not eat dougnuts for breakfast – BUT if you are only eating yogurt or a fruit for breakfast with no protein from amino acids, then you will still have the scenario happening in your body.

The blood sugar spike may not be as high or drastic BUT it’s still occuring.


Be sure you are consuming protein – whether it protein shake with at least 20g of protein in it, turkey bacon strips, turkey sausage, or eggs. Be sure you are having at the minimum 20-30g of protein at least with each meal.

When you eat enough protein it helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels bringing not only more energy and more clairity of thought, but less anxiety!

Did you know that when your blood sugars are irregular during the day – it can cause sleep issues at night time. So stop eating high sugar foods and get your protein on, as well as the glorious high fiber veggies and fruits.

  2. Hormonal Imbalances 

Yes – when your hormones are not balanced it plays a HUGE role in how your moods are!

Everything, everything, everything is connected when it comes to the human body.

IF you have an unwanted symptom of any sort, it is a SIGN that your body is not getting what it needs and that something is imbalanced or deficient.

For many women, the shift of hormones during ovulation or before your cycle starts can bring on anxiety as well as depression. So it is very important to get your hormones balanced.

Did you know that when your hormones are imbalanced, the root cause of many hormonal imbalances is … blood sugar issues!

So cleaning up your diet, eating whole food GOD made foods, not man-made foods – is the KEY! 

Did you know that when  your hormones are shifting and if there is any deficiency in those hormones – like estrogen or progesterone – it CAN literally change the shape of your brain!

MRI’s of women during different cycles and hormonal shifts and imbalances show how certain areas of the brain SHRINK. So there IS a reason for moodiness, depression, and episodes of craziness during hormonal shifts.

3. Genetics play a role!

Picture a bath tub filled with stress hormones.

This bath tub has no genetic mutations and so when it gets filled with stress hormones – it will eventually drain these stress hormones out so they go away and the tub can be peaceful again.

Now picture a tub with genetic mutations – it gets stressed, fills with stress hormones, and due to the genetic mutations – it is unable to drain these mutations away as quickly. So these stress, anxiety causing hormones stick around – producing an anxiety that just does not go away.

This mutation is called the COMT mutation it stands for Catecholamine – methly – transferase mutation. Catecholamines are a fancy term for the stress hormones norepiephrine & epinephrine.

If you have this it means you can have a tendency for anxiety and a hUGE need for magnesium. This mutation can also keep you from metabolizing certain estrogens, which can cause certain cancers as well.


Be sure you are increasing your intake of magnesium and B vitamins. AND of course cleaning up your diet, avoid foods that come from a box or a bag.

Eat what nature provides – and only foods found in nature – not manufactured in a laboratory or bakery.


Still having issues withe anxiety? 

Schedule today and our Naturopathic doctors can find where you are imbalanced with lab work and put together a customized plan to help you improve your health from the inside out!


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