Why you shouldn’t buy your supplements on Amazon or Walmart …

Buying Supplements online can be tricky and if you are not buying from a reputable company it is shady!!

Research is showing that supplements bought on Amazon is NOT always the product that is it is claimed to be on the bottle!

Many organizations are buying up empty bottles and filling them with cheap supplements that may ‘look alike.’ When tested researchers found that 1 out of every 5 bottles sold on Amazon was not what was labeled in the product.

The same can be said for buying from Walmart or at times GNC. Many of what is labeled, especially herbs, is not the actual herb that is labeled on the bottle!

TIP: When it comes to supplements you truly get what you pay for.
If it’s a quality supplement it will cost more that what you buy at walmart or a discounted vitamin shop.

This is the reason why buying from a reputable organization that will test their product, making sure it is devoid of heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals.

We now have an online dispensary for MOST of the supplements we carry.

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This dispensary does not carry the following:

Standard Process
Apex Energetics
HVS laboratories
Megaspore probiotics

IT DOES carry a MOST other supplements we carry such as:

Designs for Health
Ortho Molecular
Wise Woman Herbals
Douglas Labs
Pure Encapsulations

** This list is not exhaustive – and there are plenty of supplement companies NOT listed. 🙂

** At a site you can trust – unlike Amazon, which you NEVER know what you are buying


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