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1.  Explant – The first and most important step to detox the body is to properly explant your breast implants which means En Bloc/Total Capsulectomy.  Please see the EXPLANT page for a full explanation of a proper explant and the EXPLANT SURGEONS page for a list of world wide surgeons who remove breast implants properly.  After explant give your body a month to recover and heal from surgery before stimulating detoxification.

2.  Diet – The next and most important step after removal of breast implants is to support the body’s natural systems of detoxification through healthy diet which means an organic, non GMO, whole foods diet of a little fruit, (lemons, limes, coconut, green granny smith apples and berries are the best fruits to eat) lots and lots of all kinds of vegetables (50 per cent raw 50 per cent cooked), some organic/free range/grass fed meats and eggs,  some resistant starch carbs to feed probiotics and some carbs from root vegetables.  Include lots of healthy fats and oils such as organic/raw/grass fed butter if you can tolerate dairy, coconut oil, unheated olive oil,  avocado and avocado oil, fresh flax seed oil and lots of clean fish/krill oils.  Include raw nuts except peanuts which carry mold.  Include Hemp seeds and Chia seeds.  Drink six to eight glasses of purified, mineralized water.  Cut out all sugars/sweetners, dairy and gluten grains which are inflammatory to most guts.  Cut out all processed foods, anything with a label on it,  anything in a can, anything in a box, cut out all chemicals, cut out all sweets, candies, cakes, pastries, cut out caffeine, pop, chocolate, alcohol, yeasted and foods with vinegar.  Use a natural sea or Celtic salt full of various minerals from a clean source.  Use apple cider vinegar.

Your clean, wholefoods diet will be the most important factor in how you feel day to day and how quickly your body detoxes.  Eating cleanly allows your body the extra energy it needs to do the heavy work of detoxing.  Examples of diets that work for us are the Gerson Therapy diet (good for vegetarians), antifungal/low mycotoxin diets (good for fungus which many of us battle for months after explant) and the AutoImmune Protocol diet (good for those that suffer from autoimmune symptoms and diseases).  These diets are digestible to the body, lower inflammation in the gut and do not feed fungus and other pathogenic microorganisms that cause many of our symptoms.

3.  Heal Your Gut – Many women who have toxicity from breast implants have digestion and bowel problems potentially from leaky gut, gut dysbiosis, IBS, Crohns, inflammation, fungus and parasites.  Some women develop allergies due to leaky gut and lose the ability to digest dairy, gluten grains and other inflammatory or allergenic foods.  All inflammatory and allergic foods must be cut out of the diet completely in order to lower inflammation in the gut and support digestion.  When inflammation is present in the gut and digestive tract the body slows down or stops digestion and detoxification.  If you have gut problems, a whole foods diet as outlined above and cutting out inflammatory and allergenic foods such as dairy and gluten will help you feel better, digest better and detox faster.  Bone broth and powdered collagen will help heal your gut and please ensure you have enough Betaine HCL and digestive enzymes to digest your food.  If your gut is badly damaged and not responding to good diet and bone broth and you need additional help please check out the GAPS diet guidelines for healing  damaged guts.  If you have auto-immune symptoms follow the Autoimmune Protocol diet to bring down inflammation in your gut and modulate the autoimmune response in the body.  Probiotics, especially lactic acid producing probiotics and soil based probiotics found in fermented foods and raw fruits and vegetables are very important for healing/restoring healthy gut flora, modulating your immune system and chelating toxins from the body.  If you buy fermented foods such as sauerkraut, obtain it from a health food store which carries traditionally cultured veggies and avoid grocery store varieties made with vinegar.  It is easy and inexpensive to make your own cultured vegetables at home which supply much larger quantities of probiotics than store bought supplements.    If you prefer to buy probiotics look for lactic acid based which means they produce lactic acid and look for soil based probiotics and take several doses each day for a long while to bring your gut flora, digestion and bowels back to normal.  Rotate your probiotics to get a good cross section of various organisms in your gut over time.

4.  Check for MTHFR Gentic Variants and Support your Methylation and Detox Pathways – MTHFR genetic variants may be inhibiting your ability to detox if left untreated.  Essentially MTHFR genetic variants impair our ability to break down necessary B vitamins.  In polls taken in our facebook group more than half of the respondents had MTHFR genetic variants which inhibit our liver methylation and detoxing.  Many test for MTHFR through their doctor or through  MTHFR  is easy to treat with a few supplements such as Methylfolate known as L-5-MTHF and B12 supplement knows as Methylcobalamin or Adenosylcobalamin or Hydroxocabalmin (all different forms of B12 targeting specific purposes) and MethylB6 known as Pyridoxal-5′.  My MTHFR status accounted for some of my own particular illness picture including my level of toxicity from breast implants and heavy metals and my very low B12 status which caused many of my symptoms such as fatigue, brainfog, sluggish liver, sore joints and muscles.  Many women in the group have low B12 due to years with toxic breast implants.  B12 is crucial to many processes in our body including our iron levels and crucial to our detoxing and makes us feel much better when brought back up to healthy levels.

5.  Heavy Metals – A good and inexpensive preliminary heavy metals test is Hair Mineral Analysis testing available in the facebook group through Pippa.  Hair Mineral Analysis Tests can also give a lot of good health information because it reveals your minerals status which can point to certain health problems in the body such as thyroid and adrenal problems.  If metals show high on a Hair Mineral Analysis test you can take products on the market now to easily detox metals such as micronized zeolites or nanozeolites known as clinoptilites suspended in water.  There are a number of products with clinoptilites to detox heavy metals safely for most.

6.  Infections In Us – After explant, some ladies have discovered fungal colonization in their saline implants and chest.  Some ladies have had contact with mold in their environment and have mold infections in their body due to immune deficits caused by breast implants.  Additionally, most breast implant illness ladies have an overgrowth of fungus such as yeast/Candida in their gut and even systemically in their body due to immune deficits.  Many ladies also have other infections in their gut such as H-pylori and SIBO.  Some ladies had bacterial infections in their capsules.  Capsular contracture is known to be caused by bacteria in the capsule.  Some ladies have mycoplasma infections.  Some ladies have Lyme, EBV and herpes infections causing their health problems.  These bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitical infections caused by immune deficits due to breast implants need to be eliminated for a full recovery.  Sometimes these infections can be detected through various tests but not always.  Bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics. Mold should be treated with mold eliminating protocols by doctors knowledgeable about mold such as Functional Medicine doctors knowledgeable about Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker’s Mold Protocol.  Gut and broad fungal infections in most of us such as yeast/Candida are treated with antifungal/low mycotoxin diets and antifungals whether natural or prescription.   Antifungal/low mycotoxin diets are crucial to overcoming mold and fungus in the body and diet supercedes prescription antifungals.  Fungus/mold overcomes prescription antifungals quickly.  Treating with too many prescription antifungals is causing resistant fungus and prescription antifungals can damage the liver.   Use natural antimicrobials/antifungals if possible.  A glass of hot water with the juice of one lemon and cayenne pepper first thing every morning cleans out the digestive tract daily.  Three cloves of crushed garlic a day, one with each meal kills fungus while preserving beneficial gut flora.  Oil of Oregano drops in water a few times a day also kills fungus. Grapefruit Seed extract kills fungus.  A product called Thorne Research SF722 is excellent for killing fungus, Caprylic Acid/Caprylates and Candex kills yeast/Candida powerfully.  Wormwood is excellent to kill fungus.  There are many good natural products to eliminate fungus in your body. Rotate your natural antifungals every month or sooner so the fungus does not build up a tolerance to them.

7.  Support your Endocrine and Immune System –  Consider checking your Cortisol levels with a pm Cortisol blood test or a Four Point Cortisol test and check your thyroid’s free T3, T4 conversion to see if your adrenals and thyroid are functioning properly.   You may need to support both adrenals and thyroid in order to get well.  There are various supplements that will help support your endocrine and immune system.  Echinacea, Epicor, Tansfer Factors Multi Immune are known as good supplements to support the immune system as are certain mushrooms such as Reishi.  Vitamin C and zinc support the immune system too.

8.  Progesterone  – Progesterone stimulates your natural, nightly detoxification cycle and helps balance your hormones and support your adenals and thyroid.  As silicone is an endocrine disruptor and estrogenic in nature (acts like estrogen in the body) and toxic chemicals and heavy metals damage thyroid, adrenals and ovaries, some ladies have hormonal imbalances and are low on progesterone and other hormones. Have your hormone levels tested and supplement with bio-identical hormones and especially progesterone if you are low so that you feel better, heal better and your natural cycle of detoxification is working.  If you have to supplement estrogen avoid oral medications because they slow your liver detoxification cycle down and cause fungus to proliferate in the gut.  I had to take bio-identical but as I healed I was able to wean off of them.

9.  Green Vegetable Juicing –  Vegetable juicing is very helpful to supply extra nutrition, potassium and enzymes crucial for healing and detoxification.  Try and include a large vegetable juice in your diet each day.  I found the Gerson Therapy Green Juice here very helpful to how I felt day to day and to my overall healing:

10.  Remineralization – Minerals are required for every aspect of your body and for detoxification.  I suggest putting a pinch of high quality celtic or sea salt and a couple drops of ionic liquid minerals in each glass of water to get various minerals on an ongoing basis.  Most of us are so low on magnesium that it is drastsically affecting our health.  Magnesium is important to cell and muscle function and how you feel day to day and is usually very low in toxic and stressed people.  Magnesium malate or magnesium glycinate is the preferable source for magnesium.  Calcium may be required, too, especially if you cannot eat dairy foods. Toxic chemicals in the implants are very acidic as are biotoxins and the body leaches calcium from bones and teeth in an attempt to offset the acidity which causes sharp bone pain and tooth degradation.  Use plant derived calcium which is more easily absorbed by your body.  Potassium is a very important mineral to cells for healing and detoxification.  If you are eating plenty of fruits and veggies and doing some green juicing each day you should be getting enough potassium.  Use ionic liquid mineral supplements to replace the more trace minerals.  Get a Hair Test to test yourself for low minerals and elements that may need shoring up so you can heal.

11.  Vitamin and Antioxidant Supplements to Lower Inflammation which Detox and Healing – Vitamin and antioxidant supplements help keep inflammation low which stimulates detoxification.  Please carefully read all labels and research supplements that you take as some have unhealthy ingredients you need to avoid.  Vitamins A, B, C, E, Selenium, Zinc, CoQ10/Ubiquinol, Turmeric/ Curcumin, Milkthistle, Ginger and Krill Oil will all help lower inflammation in your body and keep your detoxification cycle up regulated.  Vitamin D is important to healing and is the vitamin that controls all hormones and is low in most of us.  Most of us are very low in B vitamins and especially B12.  Many find Meyer’s Cocktail Vitamin IV’s very helpful in their healing.  Acetylcholine can be an important supplement in our healing too as it stimulates the Vagus nerve to lower inflammation and eliminates brainfog.  Acetylcholine can be found in lecithin supplements.

12.  Stimulate Detox –  After you have mastered good diet and your digestion and bowels are working well, you may want to begin to stimulate detoxification.  There are certain supplements that stimulate and speed up detoxification such as Vitamin C, Magnesium, Chlorella/Spirulina, Lipoic Acid, MSM, Inositol (for silicone detoxification), NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine) and Iodine.  Do your research on these and go slow.  Try one at a time, taking smaller doses to begin with to test for tolerance and gradually titrating up your doses to stimulate detoxification until you feel symptoms.  Then rest for some days while those toxins clear and then repeat.  Don’t take Chlorella, Lipoic Acid or NAC if you have mercury fillings as it will drag mercury around your body which is very toxic and causes inflammation.  When you stimulate detoxification strongly, try a binder to bind toxins and help carry them out of the body.  Binder like clay or charcoal absorb toxins and the gut and carry them out of the body.  If you need a stronger binder you can use charcoal but take care and do not use it for periods of longer than three weeks as charcoal binds healthy minerals and nutrients too.

13.  Glutathione – If you do research on detoxification you will come across information on Glutathione which is a simple molecule produced in the body that acts as the body’s master detoxifier picking up free radicals, toxins and heavy metals and escorting them out of the body.  Normally, Glutathione is created and recycled in the healthy body except when the toxic load becomes too great and then it becomes depleted.  Glutathione is made from the amino acids (protein building blocks) Cysteine, Glutamine and Glycine.  If you want to increase your Glutathione you can take the inexpensive supplements NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine) 4 parts, Glutamine 2 parts and Glycine 1 part in a glass of water between meals. No need to buy expensive Glutathione supplements.   Alternatively, you can also take organic, grassfed, undenatured whey powder which has all the precursors to make Glutathione.  Again, start slow taking one dose of NAC/Glutamine/Glycine in the beginning and working your way up.

14.  Exercise – Get exercise each day if possible.  At first walking, yoga and swimming are great exercises for healing breast implant illness.  Gradually work up to fast walking and even jogging to get your circulation and lymph moving well.  Go outside for fresh air and sun and to connect with nature each day.  If possible, sit or lie on the ground/grass/beach each day to eliminate inflammation in your body through grounding.

15. Sauna Therapy and Epsom Salt Baths – If you have access to an infared sauna, sauna two to three times each week.  It is well known that toxins and heavy metals are eliminated through the skin by sweating and infared kills microbes in the body.   Avoid saunas if you have implants and or mercury fillings.  Also take a couple Epsom salt baths a week for magnesium replenishing and detoxification.

16.  Low Level Light Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Ozone Therapy – I read another lady’s site that said she had profound healing after receiving low level light therapy treatments on her chest to break down capsule tissue which should have been removed but was not.  Not only did the low level light therapy breakdown the capsule tissue, it also killed the bacteria and fungus in her chest.  Although I have not had a chance to try it, I believe it works and could be a profound healing tool for some.  Chiropractors use low level light therapy in their practices, hopefully you can find one near you.  I have personally tried oxygen therapy and it does stimulate healing.  Many are having good results getting rid of bacteria, mold/fungus and viruses using ozone.

17.  Timeframe to Feel Healthy – You will notice that the process of detoxification does increase inflammation in the body and the feeling of illness for a period.  Moving toxic chemicals, bio-toxins and heavy metals through your body and organs will cause inflammation and detox symptoms (headaches, brain fog, negative mentalism, emotionalism, sore back bone, sore joints, general illness, fatigue, digestive disturbances) and an increase of your specific symptoms which is why you should go slow and need to take rests from detoxing but always maintain your clean wholefoods diet and some exercise if possible. Detoxification of breast implants is not a straight line, but rather an up and down process generally lasting one to two years.   After explant, you will notice certain symptoms go away and you will feel better for a few months but then in a few months after explant, your body will begin the heavy work of detoxing stored chemicals and heavy metals from your cells and your symptoms will increase and go up and down for some months but gradually disappear one by one.  Most women feel substantially better within about one or two years.  If you are not improving over months and years, then you need to look for other sources of toxicity. Perhaps you have a bacterial or fungal infection that is creating bio-toxins.  Please ensure you are not living or working in a moldy environment.  Perhaps you have mercury toxicity from your amalgams or a dental event.  Perhaps you have root canals that are producing potent bacteria creating illness in your body.  Perhaps you have parasites.  Keep looking for toxicity and keep working on elimination and detoxification.

Most of the above are things I did to get well.  I was able to research a lot on the processes of detoxification and I tried a lot of things.  I hurt myself sometimes by speeding up detox too much and unleashing more heavy metals and toxins than my body and organs were able to handle at one time.  So, take care.  If you try the supplements, add one thing at a time so you can tell if something bothers you.  Not everyone will be able to tolerate all of these things and especially in the beginning of your healing.  If you have a bad reaction, stop everything and rest.  Then add one thing back in at a time so you can tell what is causing the reaction.  Trust your own instincts.  Personally, I did not get help from the medical doctors.  Medical doctors don’t believe that silicone is toxic and do not have training in diagnosing heavy metals poisoning or detoxification.  One Naturopath told me that mercury fillings are okay and not to disturb them. Ridiculous!  There is only one other substance on earth more toxic than mercury which is radioactive Plutonium.  I often get asked if I am fully recovered.  My explant was Jan 2013 and in the five years since my explant I have regained about 95 per cent of my health.  Two years post explant I was approximately 65 to 70 per cent recovered.  I was still healing in my third year.  In the fourth year of my healing I discovered I had very low B12 and  HydroxyB12 shots healed the rest of my symptoms.  It takes time to heal this illness and the damage we have done to our bodies so be patient with yourself and trust in your healing.

Thousands of ladies have breast implant illness and as such we created a Facebook support group Breast Implant Illness and Healing By Nicole where you can chat with over 80,000 other ladies who have been through the same symptoms, finding a surgeon, surgery, recovery, detoxification and healing.  Or you can click the Facebook button at the end of any page of this website which will also take you directly to the support group. Another resource that is helpful in determining what kind of implants are associated with cancer.


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