Digging Deeper Understanding Blood Work


Optimize & Energize! Eliminate Fatigue & Malaise.

Blood Work Analysis – Get your questions answered!

Still feeling fatigued, bloated, and irritable with NO answers?

Not feeling yourself?
Frustrated with your PCP, telling you that your labs are “normal”?

Don’t settle for “Everything looks normal” 
Get your blood analyzed and get information that makes a real difference to your health

Have you been told “your blood tests are normal” but you know something just isn’t right? Do you have chronic health illnesses that run in your family that you would like to try and prevent? Have you been struggling with hormonal and fatigue issues and want the whole story? Are you struggling with weight issues but your thyroid “looks normal”?

It’s hard to be the parent you need to be when you don’t feel well. When you are sluggish, it’s hard to be patient when your child is being difficult or fighting with their sibilings.

As a wife, mom of three, doctor, and business owner I cannot afford to not feel my best. I have to be on, because no one wants to go see a natural doctor who is tired. 🙂 Over the years I struggled with fatigue and overwhelm, and found that I really didn’t feel all that well sometimes. It wasn’t until learning about more functional or optimal ranges when it came to blood work that I started to see the difference not only in my patients but in myself as well.

Many times doctors will run blood work but then just go with the reference ranges and not look for more preventable ‘optimal ranges’. Many times more conservative ranges will help to see underlying deficiencies and imbalances which are making you feel off and not yourself.

Let me help you out mom’s out there struggling to get it all together. My passion is helping other Mama’s out so you can feel the best and be the Mama you NEED to be! 🙂 I know that you want the best for your kids, you want to be patient with them and your family. It’s horrible to feel horrible and unsupported and then take it out on your kids.

We can do this!
Let’s help you feel ENERGIZED. 

Have the energy to chase after your littles.
Have the patience when the kids are screaming.
Not get so up tight – when they spill the uncooked rice all over the floor.
Feel calm and balanced, instead of the ‘cray cray’ (crazy) feelings that can erupt easily being a mom.

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