How to Improve Sleep, Energy, and Overall Wellness w Detoxification

By. Dr. Michelle Dillon 

Recorded Webinar -28 minutes – 

Learn the different exposures of toxins in your environment to help prevent disease and unwanted symptoms.

There are toxins in the air, food, water, and everyday – the goal is to reduce exposure to prevent disease like autoimmunity and disease. AND what to do about it, ways to reduce exposure and WHAT to give your liver to help effectively get rid of the toxins.

You can not avoid something that you do not know is there .

4 Ways to lower toxic exposure in your home:
1. Use single unit air filters

2. Take your shoes off before entering your home – shoes bring many toxins into the home including herbicides, pesticides, bacteria to name a few.

3. Improve air quality by increasing the amount of house plants in your home.

4. Avoid using artificially scented air fresheners – those things are toxic!!

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