Because He Cares about the little things … even jeans…


This is a story that I hesitate to share, but what I would call a ‘God Wink’.
I hesitate because I do not want to cause havoc or upset anyone.

I know we all may believe different things and the topic of religion can divide some.

But I do challenge you to read through it as it is a fun and uplifting story. 🙂 ⁠

A few weeks ago – when there was a cooler bite to the air, I was getting ready for work. ⁠

While getting ready – I was quietly wishing to myself that I had some nicer jeans that could mimic work slacks. ⁠

(Because we all know that jeans are a little more comfortable than work slacks).⁠

But alas – I did not so I threw on some work slacks and head on to work, wondering when I’d find the time to go shopping.⁠

Once at work – sitting down with the first patient of the day, she looks at me with ‘deer in a head light look’ and quickly passes me something in a bag.⁠

I tilt my head and ask her, ‘oh wow what’s this? ‘ ⁠

“Dr. Michelle, I really hope you don’t think I’m wacko, But God told me to bring you these jeans…”⁠

She goes on… “I had a friend drop off all these clothes and some are not my size so I had them near the door, and as I was leaving, God told me to bring you these jeans… “⁠

My eyes get real BIG – leaning in, I tell her, ” Oh my! I was JUST thinking this morning about getting some nice jeans that I could wear to work!!! ” She smiles, and says, “Wow, isn’t God so Great?!” ⁠

Indeed He is!!! ⁠

And Turns out – they fit me perfectly!!! Both of them!! ⁠


So my friend, even the creator of the universe – cares about what pants you wear – 🙂 🙂 ⁠

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