Explaining the underlying issues – the answer may be found in your 💩!!

Over the last year, I have been doing extensive stool testing on most new patients that enter the clinic.

WHY? You ask?

Well, it’s unbelievable what you can find out and determine based on the markers that show with the stool testing.

From skin issues, pain, to mood imbalances, to the obvious digestive issues all can be explained.

The skin is a reflection of your intestinal health – so if you are suffering from eczema, psoriasis, and or acne. Many times it is an overgrowth of the bad ‘weeds’ or bad bacteria in your system.

If you think of your intestines as a garden and the veggies your good bacteria, the weeds your bad bacteria. Over time, stress, antibiotic use, and poor eating choices – the weeds grow out of hand. Which highly affects your overall health and wellness.

One patient – a young man in his 20s – did a mission trip 2 consecutive summers. Before leaving he was easy going, always full of happiness and joy. However after that second summer overseas in south america things changed. It was the second summer trip where he came down with a dreadful stomach infection of sorts that left him ‘never well since’.

Once he got back to the states, his mood plummeted. He no longer felt himself, and fell into a deep depression, even becoming suicidal. He sought help with his primary doctor, who put him on a number of different medications. All of which did not help and made him worse.

His parents were very upset and asked me if I could help.
We ran a stool test and it showed a number of different dysbiotic or bad bacteria in his system.

After just a few months of working on his gut, eliminating the bad, and supporting and restoring the good. The black clouds that darkened his moods, started to clear. He began to get back to his normal sunny self.

After 4-5 months of following a strict diet plan, taking anti microbials, digestive powders, and probiotics – he was much improved.

Giving all the glory to God – it was SO clear to me – HOW important gut health is to the body’s system!!

This was a case that clearly showed- that although someone may not have major digestive issues, cleaning up and restoring the gut and digestive system is of utmost importance for all systems in the body!!

There are a number more stories that I could share.

Another specific issue that many patients suffer commonly with is stomach pain and cramping. One case, a 9 year old little girl, who had not only consistent ‘tummy aches’ but constant numerous strep throat infections.

Her doctors warned her – if she has one more strep infection that year, that they will HAVE TO take out her beloved tonsils because 6 strep infections is too much.

After running the GI MAP stool testing to see what underlying issues (or infections) were going on. We discovered that STREP was hanging out and living in her gut!!
My thoughts were, taking out her tonsils would NOT help rid the body of the strep infection. It was eliminating the source of the infection found in her intestines!!

After just a few months of cleaning up her diet, taking some herbal anti microbials, and gut restorative digestive powders. She did no longer had horrible tummy aches that kept her out of school.

Now she was back to being a normal kid, playing and not worrying about dealing with the pain of a tummy ache. Everyone is pleased!

Do you have any of the following?
-Digestive issues – IBS, constipation, diarrhea
-Brain Fog
-Acne, eczema, skin rashes…
-Constant food sensitivities…

All can be explained – by and underlying issue or overgrowth of bad bacteria in the intestinal system.


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