Stay Healthy!

Doing this makes you a better mom, wife, and person…❤❤❣😍


This is something I struggle with as well – Self Care.


AS a mom of multiples, wife, and doctor – I’m used to taking care of people. 


BUT – I had to learn that IF I did not take care of myself, I just could not sustain taking care of others!


What are you doing now to care for yourself?


What can you do everyday that nourishes your soul? 


Ok I know, we all do not have the luxury to go to the spa, get a massage, or fill in the blank.


BUT – we all CAN take 15-30 minutes to:


  • Sit & Read a book
  • meditate on scripture or a peaceful book
  • Call a friend and talk
  • Go for a 10 minute walk around the block
  • Sit and stretch
  • Sit and daydream about being on the beach 
  • Do some yoga
  • Or simply stare out the window 


We all need to CHILL OUT more!! 


It WILL make you a BETTER mom! AND it will set the example for your kids so they KNOW how to do so, when they become a parent themselves!! ***


Things that make you go hmm…


Yours in Health,


Dr. Michelle

Founder, Mom, Wife, & Doctor at Charlotte Natural Wellness

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