3 Tips to STAY SANE while doing online learning with your kiddos

LOL. It has started.

Online school. (Yes in Indian Land, SC we have started our second week of online school for 3 days and in person for 2 days)!

I’m not sure how you are all doing with this online school bit, but it’s no joke!!

Yesterday most of the day was spent, wading through the various emails, listening to the videos, and then attempting to get all the assignments done for my three kiddos and their online learning situation.

I get it.😫😜

There is not really other options. The teachers are doing what they can with what they have. God bless them!!

The students are trying to get through it all. AND the parents are huffing and puffing through it all… hoping it gets easier with time.

SO- I figured I would write tips that has helped me, not go crazy with it all, as well as commiserate with you.

Here are 3 Tips to STAY SANE while doing online learning with your kiddos.


Be sure to take at least an hour a week if , for those able, FOUR hours a week – to just do – whatever you enjoy doing.

Whatever that is –
– you look forward to
– puts energy BACK inside you
_makes you smile and feel like everything is going to be OK.

Are you doing this?

I had to remind myself to do so!

I get it.

Everything is taking TIME- Time is our precious commodity.

One that we feel guilty spending on ourselves!!

BUT – know that if you don’t service your car – it WILL break down.
If you don’t plug your phone IN, it WILL die!
If you don’t feed your pets- they will expire.

It’s time to re-charge your own battery!

SO- do things that put the CHARGE back inside you 🙂

-Call a good friend and chat
– Take a bubble bath
-Go for a walk, run, or jog.

*the KEY- is to do activities that promote HEALTH, instead of take away from your health.

I get it.

After finishing a day of getting my kids ‘schooled’ I wanted to a drink.
Not water, but a hard liquor kind of drink. 🍸

Heck – give it to me in an IV form!! LOL!!

LOL – it was a mess!!

BUT – long and behold – I did not succumb to those feelings, and instead went for a long run listening to music that fed my soul.

AND- afterwards, I felt – hopeful and energetic !!! 😀

SO- What can you do?? Think about it. It will do wonders!!

2. SET boundaries with your children. Don’t do everything for them!! Let them help you!!! 

This is a hard one, but a good one.

I struggled with this for a while.
But then something clicked (or broke in my brain) and now I have no issues about it. 😆

Give your kids CHORES that they do everyday !
Have them HELP you!

THEY are FULLY capable of making their OWN lunches.
Rinsing plates off to put in the dishwasher.
Putting dishes away.
Putting laundry away.
Folding clothes.
Washing windows.,
Wiping spider webs down.
Fill in the blank….

*IF they don’t do it – then they don’t get to have their ‘xyz’ whatever it is that they enjoy doing (video games, friend time, TV time, sports, etc.)

Yes. It’s hard at first.
You have to get them trained.
NO. they aren’t going to do it 100% the way you’d like them to do it.
BUT at least it will get DONE, and OFF your plate!!

This actually instills self confidence, and competence in your children! 🙂 I promise!

3. GET 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

SLEEP – helps to heal the body.

Without sleep – your body does not repair and rejuvenate.

Studies show that those that get less than 7 hours – are more susceptible to disease, are more likely to get in an accident, and are more likely to be overweight.

Having a hard time sleeping?

This is becoming more of an issue – as we are spending more and and more time in front of our blue light devices.

Blue light – lowers melatonin.

Melatonin helps you fall asleep.

Melatonin turns into serotonin – which makes you feel happy and light.

Melatonin is a strong antioxidant that helps to kill cancer cells.

* So what to do?

Get some blue light blocking glasses – amazon sells them.

These glasses can help block the blue light coming from your screens and devices.

Get a pair for yourself and your kids – your brain and sleep will thank you for it.

give me a ring…. 🙂

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