This one step can energize & optimize your health.. are you in?

As a mother of 3 children, doctor, and wife – I have learned the hard way that if you are not taking care of yourself, how quickly you can start sinking into the pit of health issues.

It’s all about self care and WHY it IS SO SO important!

It’s so easy to put your own needs aside and continue to help your children or fill in the blank’s needs and not address your own needs.

As a physician, I observe patients that do have a strong and healthy self care regimen, and those that struggle with it.

I find that those that truly take care of themselves and do the specific activities that feed their soul, they are truly happy overall AND healthier!!

Specifically – those patients who struggle with emotional eating – are usually those that do struggle with making the time for self care activities. This is why they emotionally eat ! Whether you like it or not,  you will find ways to ‘feed your soul’ one way or another, and some ways promote health, while others do not.

So do yourself a quick favor….

Take a quick quiz and listen to the quick 18 minute video – to give you the tools needed to improve your self care habits.

  1. Do you take 1-4 hours a week, to do things that re-vitalize or re-charge your energies?
  2. Do you know what activities you WOULD do, if you could, that would put energy back into your ‘tank’ instead of take away that energy?
  3. Do you consider working out or watching TV as some form of self care?

IF you said , No, to one OR  any of the above questions, then you know that you are not taking enough time out for YOU and you are in need of spending 15 minutes on the video below.

It will give you some tools to start the process and help yourself to a healthier you!


If you are still struggling with this and are in need of some one on one- counseling help – click here to link to Misty’s website.

If you are struggling with health related issues and would like a natural approach with an expert doctor – feel free to give me a call – 704-543-5540.

Here is the Energy Tank Work sheet – Energy Tanks

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