Thyroid & your Pulse – What you should know!

The thyroid is a bow tie shaped gland that is in the neck. It helps to regulate a plethora of functions in the body. Did you know there is a thyroid receptor in EVERY cell in the body? 

SO – knowing that – IF your thyroid is not OPTIMAL, your health WILL suffer!! 

Did you know MOST physical routine blood work- most PCP’s ONLY run 1 marker, that checks for thyroid? 

There are SO many more markers to determine thyroid health. 

I usually run at least 4 if not 7 or 8. 

Each marker tells me – what is going on, how much hormone your body is producing, AND if you are converting your home made thyroid INTO the ACTIVE form. 

It’s all very complex, but so important to check.

BUT something cool I recently learned- while listening to a lecture. 

Your PULSE can tell you a bit about how well your thyroid hormone is being absorbed. 


Well that shows again how the thyroid has it’s hand in so many systems in the body. Especially the heart function. 

So- take your pulse for 1 minute – and write the number down. Or for y’all that have a smart watch that does it for you, then get your average pulse. 

If the number is between 70-79- you are fine and dandy. 

If your pulse is higher than 80 and into the 90s – well darn, you are getting TOO Much thyroid. And we need to adjust that, either too much medication OR your body is stressed for some reason. And more work needs to be done to determine the WHY underneath. 

If your pulse is low – and slow – under 70- even in the 60s or 50s , then my friend you can use some more thyroid hormone or thyroid support of some sort. 



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