Freedom from Emotional Eating

Tired of eating the whole bag of chips?
Ready to discover the reasons why?
Finding the reasons together!

If you are struggling with:
  • Uncontrollable eating due to stress or emotions
  • Knowing in your mind what you NEED to do, but then failing to do so.
  • Feeding your mental, physical, & spiritual needs with food instead of what you really need.
  • Discover the real reasons that drive your eating
  • Discover what you CAN do instead
  • Non-judgmental community group(s)
  • Life long changes

2019 Can be YOUR YEAR! 

If you have struggled in 2018 with getting a grip on your relationship with food, we would like to help you make 2019 YOUR YEAR to end the “food fights” and begin to put your emotional eating in order. 

Once and for all. Habits are so hard to break, and if willpower alone were enough, chances are you would not need help. If self-shaming were fruitful, many of us would be invisible!

But unfortunately it isn’t that simple for some. If we have turned to food as our primary source of comfort, solace, self-soothing, celebration, it will take much intention and some support to create new habits and discover more appropriate sources for those needs.

Let us help you make 2019 YOUR YEAR! 


What’s the difference between this program and another, like Weight Watchers? 

In our class we will not be focusing on calorie counting, food, or exercise specifically, but rather 
investigating the hidden hungers which tend to drive emotional eating. 

We will bring 
awareness, opportunities for growth and accountability to those ready to make lasting 
lifestyle changes! 

What is each session like? 

Each week we will meet as a small group, have an 
icebreaker and present a new topic with information, resources and suggestions for 

Participants will leave with weekly assignments to ponder, which we will discuss in 
class together the following week. 

Some of our topics include: 

*It’s Not About the Food 
*Recognizing Your Feelings 
* Denial 
* Shame 
* Co-Dependency 
* Blaming 
* Acceptance 
* Decision Making 
* Mindfulness 
* and Self-Compassion. 

The KEY component to this program is the weekly personal introspection that 
participants will be guided to do outside of class, as we learn about our own individual 
relationship with food. 

We will learn how our thoughts and feelings affect what we put into our mouths. 

Is this program only for obese individuals? NO. 

Emotional eating affects people 
of every weight and size. 

The topics we will cover can help anyone on their journey learn 
to be aware of subconscious triggers which drive unhealthy choices and make changes 
by practicing the new tools presented in class. 

ALL sizes are WELCOME! 

We will meet weekly, 
on MONDAY NIGHTS @6:30pm-8:00pm. 

Since we run the class 
as a small group, there will be a cap on number of participants. If this sounds like 
something you are ready to take on, please sign up by clicking below and paying for your montly spot. 

The Cost for the course is $99 a month. 

Questions about the class? 

Contact group facilitator Lisa Berryhill


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