Reset & Restore Program


Recently diagnosed with Cancer?
Or are you a Cancer survivor?
Would you like to do what it takes to prevent cancer?

Dr. Megan Ding uses a scientific integrative approach to cancer support working with your oncologist to bring the best outcomes possible! She will customize her highly researched programs to ensure your body is supported during treatments to minimize if not prevent the harsh side effects of chemo and radiation. Our body's are like a garden, and cancer is a weed. Let's change your body today so it will no longer support the cancer weed growth!

If you are struggling with:
  • Recent diagnosis of any type of cancer
  • Currently in treatment (Chemo/Radiation)
  • Side effects from Chemo/Radiation
  • Not sure what to do
  • Would like guidance on prevention
  • Weight loss or Weight gain from chemo/radiation
Dr. Ding will only work with those:
  • Who have an oncologist managing their case
  • Willing to follow her recommendations



What to do NOW & How it all WORKS:
1. Schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation with Dr. Ding – so she can understand what is going on and tell you how she can help. (Please have a current list of medications available to tell her.)

2. Once she approves, then we will schedule an appointment for an initial visit

**Price for Initial Visit is $350 (prices are subject to change at any time.)

***Prices for Follow Up visits $175 


*We are unable to bill for insurance for visits, but are able to accept Flex Spending & Health Savings Accounts.


Fresh Start Program

Natural Hormonal Balance, Weight Loss, & Thyroid Support

Tired of not feeling yourself? Wanting a more comprehensive approach to your healthcare?

Lifestyle Management Program


Aches & Pains? Tired of Pain? Ready to change from the foundation out?