Programs and Educational Courses

Education is power!
The more you educate yourself and understand the WHY of everything, it will drive you to BETTER health.
Our Programs are first come first serve, some are in person, some are online.

Freedom from Emotional Eating

Tired of eating the whole bag of chips? Ready to discover the reasons why? Finding the reasons together!

If you are struggling with:
  1. Uncontrollable eating due to stress or emotions
  2. Knowing in your mind what you NEED to do, but then failing to do so.
  3. Feeding your mental, physical, & spiritual needs with food instead of what you really need.
  1. Discover the real reasons that drive your eating
  2. Discover what you CAN do instead
  3. Non-judgmental community group(s)
  4. Life long changes
2019 Can be YOUR YEAR! 

If you have struggled in 2018 with getting a grip on your relationship with food, we would like to help you make 2019 YOUR YEAR to end the “food fights” and begin to put your emotional eating in order.

Once and for all. Habits are so hard to break, and if willpower alone were enough, chances are you would not need help. If self-shaming were fruitful, many of us would be invisible!

But unfortunately it isn’t that simple for some. If we have turned to food as our primary source of comfort, solace, self-soothing, celebration, it will take much intention and some support to create new habits and discover more appropriate sources for those needs.

Let us help you make 2019 your year!

(Online) ‘Get Back on the Wagon Accountability & Detox’

Did you enjoy the holidays, but maybe a little bit too much? Are you having a hard time getting back on track? Would you like some accountability?

Get Back on the Wagon Accountability Group will meet weekly online to encourage and educate on ways to get back on track.

  • We will discuss unhealthy patterns.
  • Give you tips and tricks on combating cravings & help support weight loss.
  • Support each other and encourage each other in the process of letting go of the holiday excess.
  • We will discuss different detoxification cleanses.

Home Remedy Course

This is for the mom’s out there that would love to have alternatives to just over the counter medications that are full of chemicals and don’t help.
Learning this information can help save a trip to the urgent care and give you some tools in your belt when it comes to your families ailments.

Topics that are included:

  • What to do at the first sign of a cold (minute 3)
  • Homeopathic Remedies – what they are and which ones work (min 7)
  • First Aid Skills & Natural remedies (minute 12)
  • Home Remedies for Sicknesses for kids (minute 18)
  • High Fevers what to do (minute 14)
  • Stomach Bug Quick Remedies (minute 25)
  • Bug Bites (minute 31)
  • Burns – First & Second What to do (minute 33)
  • Poison Ivy Rescue (minute 37)
  • Cuts & Scrapes (minute 40)
  • Concussion & Head Trauma – How to assess & what to look for (minute 42)
  • Q & A (minute 47-60)
“Listening to Dr. Michelle’s course has saved me multiple trips to the urgent care as well as given me tools to use with my kids when they are fighting something. ” B.M.

Are You Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?

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