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Anti-aging, Weight loss, & Accountability Group

You know what you need to do, but just can not get your body to follow. 

You are struggling with weight gain and would love some accountability to STOP the emotional eating. 

You feel this year has aged you greatly with the stress of the world on your shoulders. 

Your kids are tired of you losing your cool and yelling at them. This is not what you wanted.

I understand!

This online group of like minded people will help you get back on the wagon, meet  you where you are and help get you back on track!

Get back to feeling like yourself!

A recent testimonial: 

“This program helped me stop eating when stressed, I dropped 20 lbs in 2 months and have kept it off! I feel lighter, and back to myself once again! I highly recommend this group to anyone interested! Now I know what foods cause weight gain and inflam my body! I feel younger and lighter than I did in my 20s!! Amazing!!” A.G.

“Just having an accountability group – helps to know that I am supported. Meeting weekly, is like therapy and the community feel is amazing!”M.C. 

What is included:

*Improve your mind resilience – with these simple easy tips

*Find your motivation

*Stay accountable and ON TRACK

*Eliminate excuses!!

*Raise above emotional eating! 

WITH these tools:
– Accountability – weekly group follow ups with Dr. Michelle

– Personalized App to KEEP YOU ON TRACK – Use the app from your phone to track your foods and get health reminders.

-Private Facebook Group – with Live Weekly Q & As – 

Email –  – to be added to the wait list – 

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