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Education is power!
The more you educate yourself and understand the WHY of everything, it will drive you to BETTER health.
Our Programs are first come first serve, some are in person, some are online. 

Home Remedy Course

This is for the mom’s out there that would love to have alternatives to just over the counter medications that are full of chemicals and don’t help.
Learning this information can help save a trip to the urgent care and give you some tools in your belt when it comes to your families ailments.

Topics that are included:

  • What to do at the first sign of a cold (minute 3)
  • Homeopathic Remedies – what they are and which ones work (min 7)
  • First Aid Skills & Natural remedies (minute 12)
  • Home Remedies for Sicknesses for kids (minute 18)
  • High Fevers what to do (minute 14)
  • Stomach Bug Quick Remedies (minute 25)
  • Bug Bites (minute 31)
  • Burns – First & Second What to do (minute 33)
  • Poison Ivy Rescue (minute 37)
  • Cuts & Scrapes (minute 40)
  • Concussion & Head Trauma – How to assess & what to look for (minute 42)
  • Q & A (minute 47-60)
“Listening to Dr. Michelle’s course has saved me multiple trips to the urgent care as well as given me tools to use with my kids when they are fighting something. ” B.M.

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