(Online) ‘Get Back on the Wagon Accountability & Detox’

Did you enjoy the holidays, but maybe a little bit too much? Are you having a hard time getting back on track? Would you like some accountability?

*You must be willing to do the work to achieve success –

Week 1 – Cleaning it up Accountability – what to avoid what to look out for.

Week 2 – Let’s talk detox- which one is best for me? What to start? How to start, what to look for…

Week 3 – Struggling? Here’s why…

Week 4 – Underlying Issues that can cause cravings, weight gain, & fatigue. (Thyroid, Hormonal issues, Yeast Overgrowth)


Meeting Mondays at 12:30 – 1:15 – online , sessions are recorded for those that can not make the meetings.

Meeting for the month of January.

Cost: $67 a month.