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Recent Success Stories –Giving God the Glory for Every good thing! (James 1:17)– Dr. Michelle 



*Disclaimer: “Results can vary from person to person.

Hello my name is Donna. Dr Michelle Dillon has helped me in so many ways on my journey of wellness.

For years I struggled in the area of weight loss. I am hypoglycemic and had to eat all day long in order to feel good. I came to Dr Michelle tired, discouraged, and honestly I was at the point of giving up in this area.I had tried every fad diet and even tried running for miles and miles to no avail …the weight would not come off.

Dr Michelle introduced me to the Healthy Transformations weight loss kit. I was truly amazed for the first time in years the scale started to move. I had more energy. My hypoglycemia improved. I had more self-confidence. And amazingly I was able to lose 14 pounds! This kit has forever changed the way I look at food. And it was an amazingly simple diet full of nutritious foods that were very convenient. I also was able to eat many whole foods in addition to the food provided in the kit.

Below is a before and after picture. Yes I am holding a baby kangaroo …that’s the only thing I’m really liking about that before picture. But the bottom picture is the new me. I am so thankful for the healthy transformation Kit. I know it can help you like it did me. Thanks for letting me share my story.

Before seeing Dr. Michelle, I had severe anxiety, was basically dysfunctional, I could not work , and was living with a family member. I also could not sleep very well and did’t want to be alone.  After seeing Dr. Michelle, I am now back at work, living at home by myself, and feel basically normal again. Even starting to feel better than I have in years, even getting out and enjoying things again!

– Tom*

When I came to Dr. Michelle I had difficulty sleeping, (no more than 4-5 hours a night) even taking Melatonin.  I had no energy and ached from head to toe.  Along with frequent migraines.  Over the past 3-4 months there has been a big change in my sleep patterns for the better !!  Able to sleep 7-8 hours each night.  Reduction in migraines.  My energy level is way up and have no aches anywhere at anytime !!  Dr. Michelle listened and encouraged diet changes, exercise and supplements without judging. Thanks so much !!!

— M.H.*

Dr. Michelle was able to see me and quickly found the root of my issues. Within the first day of starting my supplements I was able to fully open my mouth without a pop (it had been 2 years since I had been able to do that). With no more muscle strain on my jaw and harsh popping I was able to also get rid of my horrible headaches. Also within the first day I got my blood sugar  under control, my nausea lessened from an intensity of an 8 out of 10 to a 3,

I was no longer constipated and was also able to lessen the inflammation in my neck and back that was causing so much pain. I COULDN”T BELIEVE IT. !

She was even able to help me get off of my weekly medication for yeast infections that I had been taking for over a year. No more medicine and no more symptoms!

Since that appointment I have made sure to come back for the time that she has suggested and I have even booked my next appointment… No more not making my health a priority!!! Dr. Michelle has made such a huge impact in my physical/emotional well being to not! I’m forever thankful!  


I slept the whole night through last night, opened my jaw for the first time in a year and a half without a pop, able to roll my neck around and not feel pain and was able to get over my nausea quickly with an extra couple of multizyme… What?!?!!!! I’m thankful and super hopeful!!!! Thanks so much Dr. Michelle for your help !

— Megan*

Prior to seeing Dr. Michelle I was experiencing a number of issues: I had panic attacks about once per week, I was susceptible to multiple sinus infections, I was suffering from insomnia (for which I was taking medication), I also had weight and energy issues. Since I have been seeing Dr. Michelle I feel so much better!!! I have more energy, a calmer feeling and I am sleeping better and off my meds. I was able to fight off a cold and not need subsequent antibiotics for infection to do it. I have more joy in life and I have even lost a couple of pounds.

– Julie S.*

Before seeing Dr. Michelle I was struggling greatly. I would start thinking about “sleep” or bedtime daily at 3pm, only to stress out knowing that it wouldn’t come for this insomniac until after Midnight or later. Heart palpitations, sluggishness, weight gain, you name it – I had it. It’s only been a short time since seeing Dr. Michelle and I am no longer living on sleep aids to sleep. I don’t feel I need a nap daily. My weight is finally shifting in the right direction  It is truly amazing to feel well. I’m so grateful for this gift of health.

– Donna O.*

Before going to Dr. Michelle I was overweight and had problems with my legs. My knees and muscles hurt and there was a lot of fatigue in my legs. Now I am starting back on the treadmill and my legs seldom bother me. Before seeing Dr. Michelle I had bad eating habits but tried to avoid sugar and foods that make sugar. This is a must since I have type 2 Diabetes. Even so, my blood sugar was up and down and hard to control. Now with a better diet my blood sugar levels are better. Thanks to Dr. Michelle my overall health is improving and I feel better every day.

– Dale S.*

Before seeing Dr. Dillon I was not sleeping well and was tired all the time. I was very unhappy and depressed. I am now sleeping great! I am sleeping all night now. I am finding joy in everything I do and am not experiencing any of the depressed feelings. My skin is even looking wonderful! I am very happy and impressed!

– Sara B.*

Hello Doctor Michelle I am writing to express how pleased I am with our overall health. My kids and I are doing so well since we started under your care. First and foremost I am extremely grateful for helping my son get rid of what was an inexplicable tummy pain that he had had for 6 months. That for me was a miracle. It had started to affect the life of our family and really got to us all. Within a month of being under your care the pain was gone like he had never had it. Thank you!

There is another thing that I had noticed: we don’t get colds anymore, not to mention fevers in over 6 months for any of us! When we catch a virus, the only symptom we have is a mild headache for a day or two. I didn’t think that was possible! Matthew used to have a cold with high fevers every other month. Which gave me heartache for my child – Life is better with healthy kids :-) Being healthy helps their overall development too and they are both growing at a fast speed.

Thank you for what you do! – Simina S.*

My main reason in seeing Dr. Michelle was the pain in my upper right abdominal region. I had seen multiple gastroenterologists, had many tests, and tried many medicines with no help. Within 6 weeks of beginning treatment with Dr. Michelle I have been completely pain free in this area. Also, the arthritic stiffness and pain in my elbow and neck are significantly reduced and my energy has increased.

– Johnna S.*

Since going to Dr. Michelle I no longer get severe stomach cramps. My gas and bloating is gone. And the bathroom is no longer my 2nd home. I have a lot more energy, I have lost weight, and my headaches and facial blemishes have almost vanished.

– Jennifer W.*